What is the highest score on Step 2 CK?

What is the highest score on Step 2 CK?

The medical specialties with the highest Step 2 CK scores

  • Dermatology – 256.
  • Otolaryngology – 256.
  • Plastic surgery – 256.
  • Interventional radiology – 255.
  • Orthopedic surgery – 255.

What is considered a good step 3 score?

USMLE step 3 average score for most candidates is between 140 and 260. The average score for 2018 was 229. USMLE Step 3 pass rate for American/ Canadian medical schools is 97% and for the non-American schools is 86%. USMLE Step 3 passing score has been increased from 196 to 198 from January, 2020 onwards.

What is the highest Usmle Step 1 score ever?


Is Stanford IMG friendly?

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) Stanford Hospital and Clinics uses the J-1 visa program sponsored by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG). Stanford does not sponsor H-1B visas for graduates of international medical schools.

What is the acceptance rate for Stanford medical school?

2.3% (2016)

Does Step 3 score matter for residency?

Do you need to be as worried about Step 3? For many students, the answer is that your Step 3 score won’t make too much of a difference, as long as you pass the exam. You generally won’t take Step 3 until you’ve been in residency for a year or so, so it won’t matter for your residency applications.

What GPA do you need to get into Stanford medical school?


Can I take Step 3 before residency?

In most states, you need to pass Step 3 before the third year of your residency program, which can be a challenge as you balance residency program requirements, personal responsibilities, and adjusting to life in the United States.

What is considered a good step 1 score?

Both UMMS and national AAMC Match data suggests however that sub 200 Step 1 scores will likely start to limit a student’s match possibilities to the lesser competitive specialties. 215-230: This range is considered “OK to good.” Still, at the lower end of this range, some limitations in the match process may occur.