What is the rarest picture disc?

What is the rarest picture disc?

Prototype Picture Discs One of the rarest such examples is a ten inch record of the single, Xanadu,by Olivia Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra, intended to be created as a promotional item, but ultimately rejected by the record company.

Are picture discs any good?

Universally, however, most agree that sonically they don’t sound quite as good as standard vinyl records. Some will go as far as to say they sound bad, but that can often be a little unfair. A more accurate statement about picture disc vinyl would be that they aren’t capable of sounding as good as standard records.

What is a 7 picture disc?

Picture discs are vinyl records which have a printed label on both sides with a plastic foil covering the entire surface area and grooves pressed into the plastic foil. GZ offers 12”, 10” and 7” Picture Discs each in one weight category.

Are picture LPS worth anything?

Most picture discs were produced in reasonably large numbers, so are not hugely valuable even with the resurgence in collecting vinyl. However, certain limited editions, withdrawn vinyl, test pressings and uncut versions of shaped discs can command healthy premiums.

How much are Vogue records worth?

The “popular” Vogues such as R712, R724, R750, or R751: $100-150. The “double number” Vogues such as R711/R713, R725/R726: $100-150. Hard to find records such as R747, R748: $200-250. Uncommon records such as R711: $500 or more.

Do picture discs wear out?

While picture discs aren’t necessarily bad, your normal vinyl records will usually play better. Yeah, eventually you’ll wear into the picture.

Can you clean vinyl picture discs?

Hey, I’ve gotten a picture disc copy of lateralus in vinyl and from general use the record has gotten a bit dusty and dirty. I use an isopropyl alcohol based cleaning solution on my records then rinse with a little bit of water and dry with a microfiber cloth.

Are picture discs lower quality?

It should be noted that Picture Discs may offer a lower acoustic quality, especially an increase in the acoustic noise in the initial and final grooves of the record and in the transitions between tracks.

Is a picture disc a vinyl?

Picture Discs are made by sandwiching a vinyl “puck” with printed labels and then adding layers of plastic laminate to each side which the grooves are pressed into. Although audibly inferior to standard vinyl, they still sound ok but the true beauty of this product is in the visuals.

How many Vogue picture records are there?

seventy-four titles
You are here Approximately seventy-four titles were produced by Sav-Way Industries of Detroit, Michigan from May 1946 through August 1947 which are highly prized by collectors for their colorful designs.

When were Vogue picture records made?

Vogue picture records were introduced in 1946 by Sav-Way Industries in the US. They were 78 rpm phonograph records, mostly being 10-inch in diameter (though some 12-inch discs were also released) and used an aluminium core, with the paper artwork being pressed beneath a clear vinyl outer layer.