What is the tower in Alexanderplatz?

What is the tower in Alexanderplatz?

Berlin TV Tower
The TV Tower on Alexanderplatz is Berlin’s most prominent landmark and the tallest building in Germany. Its steel sphere contains an observation platform and a gourmet restaurant.

How do you get up the Berlin TV Tower?

Can I go up the tower without having to wait? This is possible with the Fast View Ticket. Pre-order access to the observation deck and Bar 203 located there at a date and time decided you decide. In addition to entry without waiting, the restaurant ticket guarantees a table reservation in the “Sphere” restaurant.

How tall is Alexanderplatz?

Soaring 368 metres into the sky, Berlin’s TV Tower is the city’s most visible landmark. But the tower on Alexanderplatz is not just literally a must-see sight, it is also the highest building in Europe open to the general public.

Is the Berlin tower in East or West Berlin?

The structure is also more than 220 metres higher than the old Berlin Radio Tower in the western part of the city, which was built in the 1920s….Fernsehturm Berlin.

Berliner Fernsehturm
Height 368.03 m (1,207.45 ft)
Design and construction
Architect Hermann Henselmann
Main contractor GDR government

Why was TV Tower built?

The sphere of the TV Tower was intended to remind people of the Soviet sputnik satellites and was to light up red, the colour of socialism. Only one method was considered for the construction of the tower: the so-called ‘climbing formwork’.

Is Berlin TV Tower Open?

The TV Tower, which is open all year to the public, has seasonal opening times. The last ascent to the observation platform is daily at 11.30 pm, whereas the last admission to the restaurant is at 11 pm.

When was Berlin TV tower built?

1965Berliner Fernsehturm / Construction started

Should I stay in Alexanderplatz?

Alexanderplatz is a great place to stay for both shopping and sightseeing. There you’ll find a few shopping malls (amongst the biggest ones are Galeria Kaufhof, Alexa and Rathauspassagen). For small designer shops, visit Hackescher Markt. The location is also great for foodies, featuring hipster cafes and restaurants.