What is Vipera aspis?

What is Vipera aspis?

Vipera aspis. Vipera aspis is a venomous viper species found in southwestern Europe. Its common names include asp, asp viper, European asp, and aspic viper, among others. Bites from this species can be more severe than from the European adder, V. berus; not only can they be very painful, but also about 4% of all untreated bites are fatal.

What is the scientific name of the asp viper?

A critique of the systematic position of the asp viper subspecies Vipera aspis aspis (Linnaeus, 1758), Vipera aspis atra Meisner, 1820, Vipera aspis francisciredi Laurent, 1768, Vipera aspis hugyi Schinz, 1833 and Vipera aspis zinnikeri Kramer, 1958. Amphibia-Reptilia 23 (2): 191–213.

What is the LD50 of Vipera aspis?

Vipera aspis venom registers an LD50* of 4,6 to 20,1 mg (Duguy and Saint-Girons, 1970; Saint-Girons et al., 1983). The lower values correspond to Vipera aspis zinnikeri which means it is the subspecies with the most toxic venom, thus making it the most dangerous viper in the Iberian Peninsula.

Where do asp vipers live in Spain?

THE ASP VIPER – Vipera aspis Linnaeus, 1758. Inside the Iberian Peninsula the Asp viper is found in the northeast of Spain; it occupies the entire Pyrenees and the pre-Pyrenees, reaching the province of Burgos and the north of Soria to the west.