What manga does Naruto Shippuden end?

What manga does Naruto Shippuden end?

6, “Naruto” creator Masashi Kishimoto announced that the epic ninja journey will finally come to an end after 15 years. According to Kishimoto, the final chapter of the “Naruto” manga will be released on Nov. 10 in the 50th issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

What is last episode of Naruto Shippuden?

My First FriendNaruto: Shippuden / Latest episode

What happens episode 80 of Naruto Shippuden?

Synopsis. Critically damaged, Orochimaru calls off the invasion and flees the village with his forces. In the forest, Naruto and Gaara both lay on the ground, devoid of chakra. Naruto sympathizes with Gaara for his childhood but threatens to kill Gaara if he should ever bring harm to his friends again.

What happened in the last episode of Naruto Shippuden?

In the last episode of Naruto, Naruto leaves to train with Jiraiya. In Naruto Shippuden, Naruto returns after 2 and a half years to Konohagakure. Naruto marries Hinata.

How many episodes are in Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto: Shippuden is an anime series mainly adapted from Part II of Masashi Kishimoto ‘s original manga series, with exactly 500 episodes. It is set two and a half years after the original series in the Naruto universe, following the ninja teenager Naruto Uzumaki and his allies.

When did Naruto Shippuden start and end?

It began broadcasting on February 15, 2007 on TV Tokyo, and concluded on March 23, 2017. On January 2, 2009, Viz Media and Crunchyroll provided eight uncut English subtitled Naruto: Shippuden episodes on the official Naruto website.

Is there a Naruto movie after the anime series end?

There are 2 movies after the end of the series. The first one to watch if you are interested in knowing things that happen before the marriage that is is preceds the last few episodes is The Last: Naruto the Movie The other movie is Boruto: Naruto the Movie which covers the Chunin Arc of Boruto series and has an anime adaptation as well.