What occurs in the final scenes of Rear Window?

What occurs in the final scenes of Rear Window?

The Ending of Rear Window Thorwald’s wedding ring, which Lisa recovers by sneaking into Thorwald’s apartment and nearly getting herself killed before Jeff and Stella call the police (who arrest Lisa for trespassing).

What does the note say in Rear Window?

Jeff and Lisa send Thorwald a note accusing him of murder so they can watch his reaction when he reads it. The trick works so well that Jeff ups the ante by calling Thorwald and telling him that he’ll go to the police if he doesn’t meet him in a nearby bar.

WHO calls Jeff Rear Window?

15. #75: Doyle calling Jeff. Dramatically a great scene. The scene intensifies the feeling of suspense in the audience because we know what Jeff doesn’t: Thorwald is coming to get him.

Why is the end of Rear Window sped up?

Hitchcock uses a good assortment of tempo to create thoughts in the viewer’s mind. He slows down the pace to create anticipation, and speeds it up to show a change in intensity.

What is the climax of Rear Window?

Climax. The climax occurs when Thorwald attacks Jeff and he falls out the window; Lisa comes running to be by his side.

What are the themes in Rear Window?

There are four historical context themes that are key to understanding Rear Window: the evolving role of women in society, suburbanisation in the USA, masculinity, and the beginning of the Cold War.

How does LB Jeffries break his leg?

Professional photographer L.B. “Jeff” Jefferies breaks his leg while getting an action shot at an auto race. Confined to his New York apartment, he spends his time looking out of the rear window observing the neighbors. He begins to suspect that a man across the courtyard may have murdered his wife.

How did James Stewart break his leg in Rear Window?

Jeff, Jimmy Stewart’s character, has been in his cast for six weeks, and has one more week to go. He broke his leg while photographing a car crash on a race track. He is a “Life Magazine” photographer.

How did LB Jeffries break his leg?

What is Stella’s role in Rear Window?

Stella is a nurse working for the insurance company handling Jeff’s case. She shows up to check his vitals, give him a massage, and give him blunt, unsolicited advice about his love life. She’s the main source of comic relief in this suspenseful film.

What happened to Miss Lonelyhearts Rear Window?

Preoccupied with ‘Miss Lonelyhearts’ who is conducting a suicide attempt on the ground floor due to her failure to find a suitable companion, Stella convinces Jeff to call the police to alert them, and he is distracted from his look-out duties.