What percentage of Compass does Robert reffkin own?

What percentage of Compass does Robert reffkin own?

Reffkin, whom Forbes estimated was worth more than $500 million when the stock debuted, holds about 6.6 percent of the outstanding shares and 49 percent of its voting power, according to a February SEC filing. His equity stake consists of 2.3 percent of Compass’ Class A stock plus all its Class C shares.

Who is the CEO of Compass Real Estate?

Robert Reffkin
Robert Reffkin is the founder and CEO of Compass, an American real estate company. He shares how he started Compass and why he believes finding a home is meaningful.

How did reffkin start Compass?

Reffkin grew up in Berkeley, CA, as an only child with a single mom, who is now a real estate agent for Compass. In a LinkedIn post Thursday after his company went public on the New York Stock Exchange, Reffkin said, “I started Compass because of my mom, Ruth, a single mom who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit.”

Who made money Compass IPO?

Nine years after its founding, real estate brokerage Compass went public on Thursday, minting a huge windfall for the company’s investors and employees. As of early afternoon Eastern Time, cofounder and CEO Robert Reffkin was worth more than $500 million, Forbes estimates.

Why did zillow Sue Compass?

Seattle-based Zillow Group filed two lawsuits Friday against real estate rival Compass, alleging that the SoftBank-backed high-tech brokerage stole Zillow intellectual property and poached its employees who violated non-compete agreements.

Who is founder of Compass?

Robert Reffkin’s story is the co-founder and CEO of Compass, a multibillion-dollar real estate firm, as well as a celebrated entrepreneur. Robert was exposed to entrepreneurship from an early age. His mother, a single mom, started running a daycare when Robert was an infant and, eventually, became a real estate agent.

Who started Compass?

Robert Reffkin is the president and co-founder of Compass, a residential brokerage in New York City that launched in 2013 as Urban Compass, changing its name at the beginning of 2015. He co-founded the firm with Ori Allon, a computer-science Ph. D.

Is Compass a public company?

With its initial public offering (IPO) last week, Compass ( COMP -12.44% ) became the latest player to enter the real estate fray as a public company.