What should be the positioning of the Tata Nano?

What should be the positioning of the Tata Nano?

Promoted as a replacement for two-wheelers in its initial campaigns, Tata Nano was positioned as ‘The People’s Car’ (Times of India, 2013). Targeted at middle-class Indian families, the advertisements portrayed Nano as an affordable car.

What was the positioning failure of Tata Nano?

The positioning of Tata Nano was devised to place it as People’s Car. The cause behind this was the social concern on the part of top management of tat Motors. During the initial campaign Ratan Tatapromoted it as a replacement of two wheelers or a people’s Car.

What was the type of strategy Tata’s adopted during the launch of Nano?

Focus on youth: To build a youthful and aspirational value around the brand, Tata Motors through its ‘awesomeness’ branding and marketing campaign worked with fashion designer Masaba Gupta on the launch of the Twist. The makeover campaign is an attempt to get youngsters to look at the Nano as a fashion accessory.

What are the strategies of brand positioning?

Amy Guettler defines the 6 critical brand-positioning strategies that can revitalize a company brand.

  • Quality Positioning.
  • Value or Price Positioning.
  • Benefit Positioning.
  • Problem and Solution Positioning.
  • Competitor-Based Positioning.
  • Celebrity-Driven Positioning.

Who introduced Nano car?

Tata Motors
It was in 2003 that Ratan Tata set out on his quest for the affordable car—later christened the Nano—using the resources of the group’s car company, Tata Motors. Nano did not just rewrite the story of affordable cars, it also altered the 34-year-old political history of the Indian state of West Bengal.

Why did Nano fail in India?

However, the car faced a lot of technical issues in its initial production run which further contributed to its failure. During the first two years, several Tata Nano cars were reported to catch on fire due to faulty wiring. The Nano had poor ride comfort and stability issues due to the lightweight body.

Is Tata Nano success or failure?

Ten years after it was launched, Tata Motors’s Nano is dead, waiting to be formally buried. In June 2018, only one Nano was produced and the company admitted two weeks ago that the car cannot continue in its present form after 2019.

What is Nano marketing?

Nano-marketing happens when an enterprise identifies its target market and then applies razor sharp marketing aimed at that group to achieve its objective. The trick is to aim at a small group and get the maximum profit from that niche market.

Is Tata Nano a success or failure?

How should we position Tata Nano in the market?

The main point we must consider is that a decision must be made for positioning the Tata Nano brand and for which group of customers target the new car that is going to reach the market. There are two options: families or college students. 2. Associated Issues

Why did Tata Nano fail?

According to her, Tata Nano is the best example of positioning and repositioning where both the strategies failed. In the case of Tata Nano; a number of factors have played a significant role like production delays, product attributes, economic crisis, political controversies or failure to select the right market segment.

When was Tata Nano launched in India?

Tata Nano which comes under the passenger car segment was launched in January 2008. India’s passenger car segment has been grown extraordinarily for the past four years and it was the clever strategy of Ratan Tata to launch a product in that segment.

How Tata is shifting the target market from family to youth?

Now Tata is Shifting the Target Market from family to youth: now Tata is trying to build a youthful and aspirational value around the brand. Tata is now taking lessons from fashion designer Masaba Gupta on the launch of the Twist. They now concentrate on to get youngsters to look at the Nano as a fashion accessory.