What size bed does a 2006 Ford Ranger have?

What size bed does a 2006 Ford Ranger have?

Rangers come in three sizes, with a choice of two cabs and bed lengths. Regular-cab pickups are available with a 6- or 7-foot cargo bed. SuperCab (extended-cab) versions are fitted exclusively with a 6-foot bed.

How big is the bed in a Ford Ranger?

Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions Cargo Box Volume: 51.8 cubic feet. Inside Length: 72.8 inches. Inside Height: 20.8 inches. Inside Width (Between Wheelhouses): 44.8 inches.

What size box is on a Ford Ranger?

Inside length: 72.8 inches. Width between wheelhouses: 44.8 inches. Inside height: 20.8 inches. Cargo box volume: 51.8 cubic feet.

How big is the back of a Ford Ranger?

The Regular Cab only has two doors and two seats, but this leaves you with a massive 2.3-metre-long load bed with a gross maximum capacity of around 1,200kg (depending on the engine).

What is the wheelbase for a 2006 Ford Ranger?

111.6 to 125.7″2006 Ford Ranger / Wheelbase

How wide is a 2006 Ranger?

69.4 to 70.3″2006 Ford Ranger / Width

Does a Ford Ranger have a 6-foot bed?

Ford Ranger Bed Dimensions Details for the bed size with each cab are as follows: 6-foot SuperCab: With the SuperCab configuration, the bed dimensions are 72.8 inches x 44.8 inches x 20.8 inches, and the total volume is 51.8 cubic feet.

Will a sheet of plywood fit in a Ford Ranger?

Passenger and Cargo Space: 2019 Ford Ranger In terms of bed length the Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado are similar. Each has the option of a 5-foot or 6-foot bed. But, as you would expect for a narrow truck, the bed of the Chevy Colorado is also narrow, so it’s not quite able to fit a 4-by-8 sheet or metal or plywood.

How wide is a 2005 Ford Ranger bed?

70.3 ”
XLT 2dr 4×4 Regular Cab Styleside 6 ft. box 111.6 in. WB 2005 Ford Ranger Specs

Body width 70.3 “
Body height 68.3 “
Wheelbase 111.6 “
Ground clearance 7.4 “

Are all Ford Rangers the same size?

Ford Ranger: Exterior Dimensions With the same wheelbase across every model, from single, through extended and onto double cab, there’s little too choose between them in outright dimensions. The cab/load box ratio is the only dimension that changes significantly between models.

What measurement is a Ford Ranger?

Measurements: Overall Length: 5362 mm. Roof Height: 1706 mm(4×2)/1804(4×4) Width with/without mirrors: 2163/1860 mm.

How long is a 2006 Ford Ranger?

188.5 to 202.9″2006 Ford Ranger / Length

How big is a Ranger tray?

How big is a Ranger Tray? Our 1765mm tray strikes the perfect balance between departure angle and load carrying space. Notice the headboard finishes clear in front of the rear axle. This means a full size canopy is also possible, which opens up the potential for a tradie style setup and a 3rd rear access door.

What are the specs of a 2006 Ford Ranger?

Key Specs. of the 2006 Ford Ranger base trim shown. Body Type: Truck See similar vehicles. Combined MPG: 17-26 Combined MPG. Engine: 143-hp, 2.3-liter I-4 (regular gas) Drivetrain: 4×2. Towing Capacity: 1,600 lbs.

What kind of package does a 2005 Ford Ranger have?

Two configurations were added for 2005: regular-cab XLT models with a 7-foot cargo box and the Ranger Edge, which could be equipped with a Tremor MP3 audio and wheel package. Aimed at young buyers, the sporty Edge edition conveyed the assertive look and ride height of a four-wheel-drive Ranger at a lower price.

Can a Ford Ranger handle a full size canopy?

Minimizing rear overhang should always be a consideration that is acted upon if practical, but compared to other models the Ranger fairs quite well and can handle a full size canopy if required for a certain application. How much does a Ranger tray and canopy weigh? A Ranger tray has a starting weight of 100kg.