What time is low tide at Figure 8 Pools?

What time is low tide at Figure 8 Pools?

Plan to be at Figure 8 Pools about 1-2 hours before the lowest tide time. Example: Low Tide at 3 pm means you should arrive between 1 and 2 pm. You need to consider the drive from the park entrance to the parking lot (about 20 minutes) and the hike from the parking area to Figure 8 Pools (another 1 ½ hours or less).

How do you get to wedding cake rock?

How to Get to Wedding Cake Rock. Wedding Cake Rock is just north of Marley Beach in Royal National Park, Sydney. The nearest access is via a 3km (1.8 mile) walk along the Coast Track from Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock. (It is Stop 3 on the Royal National Park Coastal Walk Map).

How are the Figure 8 pools formed?

The Figure Eight Pool is one of a number of rock pools on the large rock platform, formed by two circular sinkholes merging. It’s much smaller than I expected, but it is very photogenic. It would be a great place to spend an hour or two, if you could find a time where it wasn’t over-run with people!

Why is it called Wedding Cake Rock?

Wedding Cake Rock earned its name from its resemblance to a slice of a wedding cake; the feature shows layers and is unusually eroded into a perfectly cuboid shape, in addition to being white, similar to a wedding cake.

How long is the wedding cake walk?

4.2 miles
The Wedding Cake Rock hike is a 6.8 kilometre (4.2 miles) walk. Allow 2 hours return (there and back). There is a locked gate at the end of Beachcomber Ave, Bundeena. This is the start of the Coast Track.

Why can’t you get to figure eight pools at Burning Palms?

You can’t get near Figure Eight Pools because waves are washing over the walking track from Burning Palms beach. If you’re in the rock pools you’ll be trapped and thrown against the rocks, before being washed out of the pools and dragged across the rock shelf.

Where is the figure 8 pool in Sydney?

The Figure 8 Pool lies just south of Sydney in Royal National Park, right off of Burning Palms Beach. The Figure 8 Pool is atop a rock ledge, right on the shore.

How dangerous is figure eight pools?

Figure Eight Pools is located on a dangerous rock shelf in Sydney’s Royal National Park near Burning Palms Beach. Plan your trip using the wave risk forecast. People should consider staying out of the water and avoid walking near surf-exposed areas.

How dangerous is Burning Palms Beach?

The section between Burning Palms beach and the pools (20 minute hike section) is the dangerous part as that’s where you’ll be climbing over rocks and you need to make sure the tide is still low. We actually spent an hour at the pools before returning back.