What user is PHP running as?

What user is PHP running as?

The user that runs apache/php is www-data . Run sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/deploy. log to make the file editable by the web server. The other files you want to perform operations on also need to be writable by the webserver.

How do I know if PHP script is running?

If you have long running batch processes with PHP that are run by cron and you want to ensure there’s only ever one running copy of the script, you can use the functions getmypid() and posix_kill() to check to see if you already have a copy of the process running.

What user does PHP FPM run as?

PHP-FPM user (as known as the website user) This is the user that PHP-FPM will execute scripts with. This user must be unique. Do not reuse an existing user account. Create a separate user for each website!

What user runs apache?

Apache user is typically the user that the apache httpd server uses when running. It uses this “apache” user to avoid having to use a “human” user, and to avoid having to run as root.

How do I get current user in WordPress?

WordPress wp_get_current_user() Getting the current user Getting all the information of current user in wordpress using the predefined function wp_get_current_user(); user_login; echo “Username :”.

Why PHP script is not running in browser?

So possible reasons could be: PHP is not installed properly on your system or the server is not properly installed. PHP module isn’t loaded in your apache. You did not put your scripts in the right place.

What user does NGINX run as?

NGINX requires a system user to be able to access and modify files and folders related to your website/application. By default, NGINX uses www-data user for this purpose. It is also the same username used by Apache server.

What permissions does NGINX need?

You can use any user with NGINX server, you just need correct permissions for folders (755) and files (644) of your project.

How do I run a PHP script in Windows?

As a Windows user, though, you’ll need to type the full path to the PHP executable to run a PHP script. The PHP executable is usually available at C:\\php7\\php.exe, so you can use it to execute the PHP file as shown in the following command. C:\\php7\\php.exe my_example.php.

How to get the user who executes the current PHP script?

If you want to get the name of the user who executes the current PHP script, you can use

What does PHP run as in Linux?

More details would be useful, but assuming it’s a linux system, and assuming php is running under apache, it will run as what ever user apache runs as. An easy way to check ( again, assuming some unix like environment ) is to create a php file with:

How to schedule a PHP script in Linux?

Additionally, you can schedule a task on given or later time, using the ‘at’ or ‘batch’ commands: but the task is only run once (it’s not repeated). In this article, we will explain how to allow a normal system user to run or execute a PHP script via a cron job scheduler in Linux.