What was the movie Boxing Helena about?

What was the movie Boxing Helena about?

A rich surgeon (Julian Sands) operates on the object of his obsession, his grotesquely disfigured aloof neighbor (Sherilyn Fenn).Boxing Helena / Film synopsis

How can I watch Boxing Helena?

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Why is it called Boxing Helena?

The title of the film was used as the name of an episode of the sixth season of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will Smith’s character takes boxing lessons from an attractive instructor named Helena.

Who pulled out of Boxing Helena?

Main Line Pictures, the company that made “Boxing Helena,” contends that Basinger verbally agreed to star in the film, but when she pulled out before shooting began, Main Line claims it lost nearly $6.4 million in potential domestic and foreign sales.

What happened at the end of Boxing Helena?

When Helena wakes up, she is without both legs and abducted by Nick. Nick is taking care of her at his home. She tries to escape, and like a Venus of Milo, Nick removes her two arms, and keeps her hold to a wheelchair. A surprising end finishes the story.

Why is Boxing Helena rated R?

“Boxing Helena” was originally rated “NC-17” by the MPAA. The DVD contains 1 minute of sexually explicit footage that had to be cut for the “R” rating.

Is Boxing Helena on Amazon Prime?

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Genre Fantasy, Mystery & Thrillers
Runtime 1 hour and 46 minutes

What happens at the end of Boxing Helena?

Why did Kim Basinger quit Boxing Helena?

Actress Kim Basinger has signed off on an agreement to pay her creditors, which include Main Line Pictures. By doing so, she puts an end to a 4-year-old legal battle with the company that contended it contracted with her to play the lead in the indie film “Boxing Helena.”

What year was Boxing Helena?

January 1993Boxing Helena / Initial release

Was Boxing Helena a dream?

It Was All A Dream – Boxing Helena Nick Cavanaugh (Julian Sands) amputates hit-and-run victim Helena’s (Sherilyn Fenn) arms and legs, are the product of a dream Nick has while Helena is in surgery.

How did Boxing Helena end?

When did the movie Boxing Helena come out?

Boxing Helena premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 1993 and was theatrically released by Orion Classics in the United States on September 3, 1993, Entertainment Film Distributors in the United Kingdom on June 18, 1993, and Republic Pictures in other international territories.

Was Boxing Helena at the Sundance Film Festival?

John Simon of the National Review called Boxing Helena “the rottenest apple from the bottom of the cinematic barrel”. The film was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the 1993 Sundance Film Festival.

Is Boxing Helena a soap opera you can skip?

A soap opera you can skip! Boxing Helena was a piece of Hollywood tripe that wanted to be an artistic movie about a man’s macabre attraction with a woman. You were bored to tears watching Julian Sands whine about how hard it is to not have Helena. Through out the movie you just wanted to reach into the screen and slap Julian Sands.

Is Boxing Helena Rated R?

Take her. “Boxing Helena” was originally rated “NC-17” by the MPAA. The DVD contains 1 minute of sexually explicit footage that had to be cut for the “R” rating. The cut footage in the UNRATED DVD version is as follows: