When was Shane McConkey born?

When was Shane McConkey born?

December 30, 1969Shane McConkey / Date of birth

Where was Shane McConkey born?

Vancouver, CanadaShane McConkey / Place of birth

Is Shane McConkey still alive?

March 26, 2009Shane McConkey / Date of death

How old is Shane McConkey?

39 years (1969–2009)Shane McConkey / Age at death

What happened Shane McConkey?

resident Shane McConkey died Thursday in a ski accident in Italy. He was 39. McConkey was attempting a cliff jump in the Italian Dolomites in which he was to release his skis and then use a “wing suit” and parachute to fly through the air, according to news reports.

Where did Shane McConkey ski?

Dolomite Mountains
MSP Films painfully announces the loss one of the most innovative, gifted, entertaining and inspirational figures in the history of skiing. Shane McConkey, 39, died while performing a ski BASE jump off the Saspardoi cliff in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy while filming with MSP for a Red Bull ski BASE project. J.T.

Who was with Shane McConkey when he died?

When pro skier Shane McConkey died in a ski-BASE accident in Italy on March 26, 2009 — two years ago this week — he left behind a wife, Sherry, and their now five-year-old daughter, Ayla.

What drove McConkey to do what he did?

All he wanted to do was keep skiing down mountains. It was the only part of his life that made sense. Eventually, he found a way. Shane’s skills, innate audacity, and huge sense of adventure made him even more comfortable in the backcountry than he was on a racecourse.

What skis did Shane McConkey use?

Whether it was steep, extreme descents or new freestyle what we were doing was freeskiing, free to ski our own style on our own terms,” he once explained. In 1996 Shane played a major role in introducing the world to fat skis when he began using the Volant Chubb (90 mm waist) as an every day ski.

What does Gnar mean in skiing?

SHREDDING THE GNAR: Skiing gnarly (difficult) terrain. Usually not a groomed run, maybe backcountry or moguls. Harder than usual.

What does shred the NARD mean?

To shred the gnar is to excel when confronted with a challenge. It could be a crazy black diamond run, a huge wave in the ocean, or a set of tricky features in a skate park.