Where can I send bulk SMS for free?

Where can I send bulk SMS for free?

BetaSMS provides customers with free Bulk SMS units which includes two messages FREE TRAIL and 5% FREE BOUNS for new sign-ups. BetaSMS prioritizes fast and cost-effective bulk SMS delivery process as we understand the urgent need to have messages delivered to clients on time.

How can I send bulk SMS in Nigeria?

Bulk SMS in Nigeria Step 1: Visit a bulk sms website in Nigeria like Ebulk SMS. Step 2: Fill in your necessary details (the form is already visible on our homepage) and click on “Register Now” after you have filled it. Step 3: After that, an activation link will be sent to your email.

How much is bulk SMS in Nigeria?

Unit Cost/Pricing for Bulk SMS (For Nigerian and International Delivery)

Recharge Volume Price Per Unit
₦50,000 – ₦499,999 ₦1.95
₦500,000 – ₦4,999,999 ₦1.90
₦5,000,000 – ₦49,999,999 ₦1.85
₦50,000,000 – ₦99,999,999 ₦1.75

Which is the best bulk SMS app in Nigeria?

Top 10 Best Bulk SMS Service Providers in Nigeria (2022)

  • SMS LIVE 247.
  • SMS MOBILE 24.
  • GOLD SMS 247.

How do I get MTN Bulk SMS?

The minimum amount that can be paid in most bulk SMS platforms is #1000. After payment, send the following details in your payment details. After the subscribers has been credited, they can begin to send bulk SMS and their account will be debited according to the amount charged by the different networks.

What is the cost of bulk SMS?

Transactional SMS

SMS Credits Price /SMS Total Price
10000 0.18 Rs.2124/-
25000 0.15 Rs.4425/-
50000 0.14 Rs.8260/-
100000 0.13 Rs.15340/-

How do I send bulk SMS with my phone?

Go to the messaging app, tap the Contacts icon, pick your group and then either Select All or make specific choices for a subset. Tap Done and you return to the messaging app where you can add more recipients and send your message.

Can Bulk SMS be traced in Nigeria?

The answer to this question is yes, we can trace that from which operator and which location it has been delivered.

How do I send bulk SMS on MTN?

How to send bulk SMS free?

Send bulk SMS through internet free from your email to clients.

  • Forward your SMS feedback to an email address or URL of your preference.
  • Schedule your bulk SMS.
  • View and download bulk SMS and delivery reports.
  • It is budget friendly. You don’t have invested any price as it is functioning through the internet.
  • How to send bulk SMS in Nigeria?

    Place a sign-up form in your physical store,office.

  • Collect details at the checkout,point-of-sale,or leave a feedback sheet for the customer to fill in,this works very well.
  • Offer customers an exclusive discount meant only for your bulk SMS marketing list.
  • How to open a bulk SMS account in Nigeria?

    How to Open a Bulk SMS Account in Nigeria Sending bulk SMS messages to as many numbers as you want to is now very easy. Below are the 5 simple steps to follow in order to get started:

    How to start bulk SMS business in Nigeria?

    Laptop,or desktop computer

  • Internet
  • Little start-up capital (N10,000 or below)
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx__AaJEQM8