Where do I put connection string in app config?

Where do I put connection string in app config?

The solution is:

  1. Open the App. config file from the project that contains the model.
  2. Locate the section. XML.
  3. Copy the connection string.
  4. Open the Web.
  5. Paste the connection string in the corresponding section of the config file in the main (executable) project.

How can write connection string in web config file in C#?

Connection Strings In Web. config File Using ASP.NET

  1. Is connection string safe?

    Web. config based connectionstring as seems is unsafe, because one can read it. But think about it, if a person can read your web. config, means he can edit any file on your server anyways as he probably already hack or gain access to file.

    What should be done to secure the connection string in C#?

    you should encrypt the configuration file so that the user name and password are not exposed in clear text. So putting the connection string in the config file and encryting it is one way to make your connection string secure.

    Where do I put connection string in asp net core?

    The connection string should be added to your application’s App. config file (Web. config if you are using ASP.NET). If your connection string contains sensitive information, such as username and password, you can protect the contents of the configuration file using Protected Configuration.

    How to write connection string?

    Connection Strings In Web.config File Using ASP.NET. After opening the web.config file in application, add sample db connection in connectionStrings section like this: There is no need of username and password to access the database server. Now, write the code to get the connection string from web.config file in our codebehind file.

What is the best place to store a connection string?


  • <connectionStrings>
  • <identity>
  • <sessionState>
  • How to encrypt connection string?

    On the Object Explorer toolbar,click Connect,and then click Database Engine.

  • In the Connect to Server dialog box,complete the connection information,and then click Options.
  • On the Connection Properties tab,click Encrypt connection.
  • What is wrong with this connection string?

    The connection string that includes the source database name, and other parameters needed to establish the initial connection. The default value is an empty string. An invalid connection string argument has been supplied, or a required connection string argument has not been supplied.