Where is Anthony Taberna now?

Where is Anthony Taberna now?

Taberna and his wife Rossel Velasco are the current business owners of the coffee shop-bakery-restaurant Ka Tunying’s Cafe.

Who is Anthony Taberna wife?

Rossel TabernaAnthony Taberna / Wife (m. 2008)

How old is Anthony Taberna?

47 years (January 16, 1975)Anthony Taberna / Age

Is Anthony Taberna educational background?

New Era UniversityAnthony Taberna / EducationNew Era University is a private educational institution in the Philippines, run by the Iglesia ni Cristo. Although it is associated with the INC, it claims to be a non-sectarian university. Its main campus is at New Era, Quezon City, within the Central Office Complex of the INC. Wikipedia

Is Dzrh owned by ABS CBN?

DZRH News Television, stylized as DZRHTV, is a Philippine pay television news channel owned by Manila Broadcasting Company….DZRH News Television.

UHF Analog Channel 33 (Davao)
Digital terrestrial television Channel 43.1 (Cebú) Channel 39.1 (Bacolod) Channel 43.1 (Iloilo)
Streaming media
DZRHNews.com.ph Watch Live

Who is the owner of Manila Broadcasting Company?

of Fred J. Elizalde
Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) is a radio and television network in the Philippines. MBC is currently owned by the FJE Group of Companies of Fred J. Elizalde, which also operates hotels and Pasay-based amusement park Star City.

Is Dzrh owned by GMA 7?

DZRH (666 AM) is a radio station owned and operated by Manila Broadcasting Company….DZRH.

Affiliations DZRH News Television
Owner Manila Broadcasting Company
Sister stations 90.7 Love Radio, 96.3 Easy Rock, 101.1 Yes! The Best

What happened to Dzrh?

In 2008 however, TV Natin evolved into a RadyoVision format, simulcasting most of DZRH’s live programming schedule, and was eventually rebranded as RHTV. In October 2013, the network was rebranded again as “DZRH News Television” as part of the radio station’s integration of its news and public affairs division.

Who is the father of Philippine broadcasting?

Today marks the 105th birthday of the Father of Philippine Radio, Francisco “Koko” Trinidad! On this day, UP Radio Circle remembers the life and dedication of Francisco “Koko” Trinidad towards broadcasting, having greatly contributed to the practice and education of media practitioners.

How was ABS-CBN acquired?

It is a subsidiary of Lopez Holdings Corporation which is owned by the López family ABS-CBN was formed by the merger of Alto Broadcasting System (ABS) and Chronicle Broadcasting Network (CBN). ABS was founded in 1946 by American electronics engineer James Lindenberg as Bolinao Electronics Corporation (BEC).

Is Dzrh owned by ABS-CBN?