Where is Horatio Johnson now?

Where is Horatio Johnson now?

Horatio Johnson, convicted last week of the brutal drowning murders of Reserve’s Kenneth and Lakeitha Joseph, was sentenced Wednesday (Sept. 6) to serve life plus 60 years in state prison by a New Orleans judge.

Who is Brittany Martin?

Brittany Martin is the deputy digital editor of Los Angeles magazine.

Who murdered Horatio Why?

In the season nine finale, Horatio is shot down by Randy North, the unwilling accomplice of convicted felon Jack Toller, who also kidnaps Horatio’s co-worker Natalia Boa Vista and puts her in the trunk of a car and pushes it off the pier.

Who killed lakeitha Joseph New Orleans?

Brittany Martin and Horatio Johnson were charged with second-degree murder in the killings of Lakeitha and Kenneth Joseph. An Orleans Parish grand jury has indicted three people on murder charges in the killing of a Reserve couple whose bodies were found bound and drowned in the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.

How did CSI: Miami series end?

CSI: Miami was incredibly popular during its decade-long run. In fact, at one point, it was named the World’s Most Popular TV Show in a study of ratings across 20 countries. But, despite numerous awards and nominations, CBS ultimately canceled CSI: Miami due to a decline in ratings and the climbing cost of production.

Why is Horatio’s son in jail?

Through unknown events, Harmon ended up in the foster care system. Around age 15, Harmon (now living in Miami) stole a boat on Biscayne Bay and was arrested for the offense. The crime was alcohol-related. He served six months in juvenile detention then was released on parole with an ankle-bracelet monitor.

Where is actress Emily Procter today?

Since the show’s ending, Procter has moved on to philanthropy. She founded her nonprofit, The Ground, in 2019, which offers “social and emotional language awareness to combat negative personal narratives.”

How did Horatio find out that Kyle is his son?

He is later put in prison. When he got onto the bus from the court to the prison, one of the other inmates who were with him found out that Kyle is Horatio’s son. When they were on the bus, they were ambushed by a mob and the prisoners were able to flee.