Where should I live in Richmond VA?

Where should I live in Richmond VA?

Some of the best neighborhoods in Richmond, VA for young families include the following:

  • The West End.
  • Bellevue.
  • Midlothian.
  • Short Pump.
  • Westover Hills.

Is Richmond a good area?

Richmond, England, is a pretty Thames-side town with stately architecture, passing rowers, great shops and dining, along with easy access to central London. It is a place well worth visiting and a good place to live.

How dangerous is Richmond?

According to Home Security Shield, Richmond has a crime rate of about 58 per 1,000 residents. The chances of being the victim of a crime in the city are one in 17, making Richmond the 11th most dangerous city in California. The chances of being the victim of a crime in Oakland is one in 12.

What are the bad areas of Richmond VA?

Where Are The Worst Neighborhoods To Live In Richmond For 2021?

Rank Neighborhood Median Income
1 Cofer $27,474
2 Oak Grove $31,698
3 Mcguire $27,772
4 Jeff Davis $27,816

What is the best school district in Richmond VA?

  • Goochland County Public Schools. School District.
  • Hanover County Public Schools. School District.
  • Chesterfield County Public Schools. School District.
  • Powhatan County Public Schools.
  • Henrico County Public Schools.
  • Colonial Heights City Public Schools.
  • New Kent County Public Schools.
  • Prince George County Public Schools.

How cold does it get in Richmond?

In Richmond, the summers are hot and muggy, the winters are very cold, and it is wet and partly cloudy year round. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 29°F to 89°F and is rarely below 16°F or above 96°F.

How hard is it to get into University of Richmond?

University of Richmond admissions is most selective with an acceptance rate of 28% and an early acceptance rate of 33.4%. Half the applicants admitted to University of Richmond have an SAT score between 1290 and 1460 or an ACT score of 30 and 33.

What is Richmond best known for?

Best Things To Do in Richmond

  • #1. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.
  • #2. Virginia State Capitol. Virginia State Capitol.
  • #3. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden.
  • #4. Carytown.
  • #5. Kings Dominion.
  • #6. Virginia Museum of History & Culture.
  • #7. Virginia Holocaust Museum.
  • #8. Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia.

What is the cost of living in Richmond VA?

Richmond cost of living is 95.1

COST OF LIVING Richmond Virginia
Housing 92.7 111.8
Median Home Cost $214,400 $258,400
Utilities 98.9 99.3
Transportation 83.5 99.4

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Richmond VA?

You need exactly $/b> to be able to live comfortably in this city. Or use wolfram alpha to compare the cost of living wherever you are at to richmond.

What are the best suburbs of Richmond VA?

Best Suburbs of Richmond, Virginia

  • Wakefield. Population: 11,275.
  • Innsbrook. Population: 7,753.
  • Bon Air. Population: 16,366.
  • Brandermill. Population: 13,173.
  • Woodlake. Population: 7,319.
  • Tuckahoe. Population: 44,990. Median Home Value: $301,100.
  • Mechanicsville. Population: 36,348. Median Home Value: $237,500.
  • Glen Allen. Population: 14,774. Median Home Value: $235,100.

How much snow does Richmond get?

Climate Averages

Richmond, Virginia United States
Rainfall 44.3 in. 38.1 in.
Snowfall 11.0 in. 27.8 in.
Precipitation 112.0 days 106.2 days
Sunny 210 days 205 days

What percentage of Richmond VA is black?


Is Richmond VA a good place to retire?

While the cost of living will be higher in the city than in the surrounding areas, if you want to be close to the action you can’t get better. From fine art to the state capital to botanical gardens to top restaurants Richmond is a great place for retirees.

Who is the richest person in Richmond VA?

Richest People in Virginia

  • John Mars. $42 Billion. John Mars net worth: John Mars is a Wyoming-based businessman who has a net worth of $42 billion.
  • Jacqueline Mars. $42 Billion.
  • Randal Kirk. $3.6 Billion.
  • William Conway, Jr. $3 Billion.
  • Daniel D’Aniello. $3 Billion.
  • Winnie Johnson-Marquart. $2.8 Billion.
  • Erik Prince. $2 Billion.
  • Steve Case. $1.5 Billion.

Does University of Richmond give merit scholarships?

The University of Richmond awards merit-based Presidential Scholarships, equivalent to one-third tuition, to students who have achieved outstanding high school records in a highly rigorous curriculum. Presidential Scholarships are awarded to only 10% of incoming students.