Which actor has more fans Ajith or Vijay?

Which actor has more fans Ajith or Vijay?

Ajith Kumar He is called “Thala” in Tamil Nadu.. In Tamil Nadu his fanbase surpasses that of Vijay, but globally Ajith has less number of fans than Vijay because of the fact that he has absoutely no fan base in Kerala or karnataka..

What is actor Ajith salary?

Now, a new report is circulating on the internet that the production house will be paying a whopping amount of Rs 105 crore as Ajith’s salary for the film. It is reportedly stated that Ajith had asked for Rs 100 crore and the production house added Rs 5 crore more to have the star as its lead.

Who is the lover of Ajith?

Ajith and Heera met during the shooting of National Award Winning movie, Kadhal Kottai and reportedly a romance ensued. However, apparently they soon parted ways. Reportedly, Ajith eventually fell in love with Shalini and is now married to her.

Is actor Ajith vegetarian?

Though he cooks non vegetarian food for others, the star has become a vegetarian. Also it is said that he is an expert in Mexican cuisine and he watched cooking videos on YouTube. On his personal diet routine, Ajith is said to be having mostly boiled vegetables and eats at the right time.

Does Ajith pay tax?

Ajith is also on the top spot when it comes to paying Income tax, he is one of the highest tax payers in the country.

Why did Ajith leave Heera?

Ajith’s confession of love to Heera who suggested him to many directors at the early stage of Ajith’s career and once he fully exploited benefits from Heera, he dumped her into a bin and labeled her as a ‘drug addict’. He made the second affair with Swathi for the same reason.

Why did Ajith and Heera split?

Reports state Heera’s mother was against their marriage as she didn’t want her daughter’s career to get affected at a very young age. The official reason behind their breakup is still not clear but reportedly, Ajith was not happy with Heera’s changed behaviour towards him.

Which Marvel actors auditioned for other roles?

Here’s every cast member in the Marvel Cinematic Universe who auditioned for other roles, like Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Lupita Nyong’o as Nebula. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is filled with great actors, but not everyone got the role they originally auditioned for. Marvel Studios has had incredible success when it comes to casting the MCU.

Did you know Anushka Shetty was rejected from her first audition?

Anushka Shetty is one of the most prominent actors in the South Indian movie industry. Did you know that she was rejected from her first audition? Anushka Shetty has established herself as a successful actor, garnering a huge fanbase. She is considered as one of the most prominent actors in both Tamil and Telugu movies.

Is there an Indian footballer called Ajith Kumar?

For the Indian footballer, see Ajith Kumar (footballer). Ajith Kumar (born 1 May 1971) is an Indian actor who works predominantly in Tamil cinema. To date, he has starred in over 60 films in Tamil. His awards include four Vijay Awards, three Cinema Express Awards, three Filmfare Awards South and three Tamil Nadu State Film Awards.

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There are several well-known actors who auditioned for one of the six main characters on the Emmy-winning sitcom Friends. One of those actors includes Hank Azaria, who tried out for Joey, but the role ended up going to Matt LeBlanc.