Which country has 0012 code?

Which country has 0012 code?

International Dialling Codes

Country Country Code International Prefix
Benin +229 00
Bermuda +1-441* 011
Bhutan +975 00
Bolivia +591 0010-Entel 0012-Teledata 0013-Boliviatel

Who called from 0012?

Calls from 0012 will sound convincing particularly if you have Amazon Prime! Bear in mind that this is a fake so they don’t know if you have Amazon Prime : they assume you will only be tempted if you actually have a subscription to Amazon prime. They will offer to renew your subscription over the phone.

Which country uses +16?

International Dialing Code

Serial No. Country Name Dialing Codes
17 BAHAMAS 1-242
18 BAHRAIN 973

What is a cellular number?

Cellular Number – means the Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number programmed into each SIM card by MTC; Sample 2.

How do you call South Africa from Australia?

South Africa’s country code is 27. For calls to South Africa from Australia dial: 0011 + 27 + area code + telephone number. For calls from South Africa to Australia dial: 00 + 61 + area code + telephone number. Find out more about Australian area codes or international dialing codes.

Is 0012 a real phone number?

0012 is a fake telephone number. Avoid unintentionally using real phone numbers by selecting from our range of fictitious telephone numbers. You can find other random phone numbers in the list below. Please note that all numbers generated by Fake Number, including 0012, are fake so won’t work for phone number verification.

Why is my international dialing prefix 0012?

If your international dialing prefix is 0012, then you haven’t yet included any information about the actual telephone country code. Because different countries use different prefixes for outbound international calls, it is often confusing if you include your prefix in a number.

Is 00121 a scam phone number?

⚠️ Please note that 00121 is not a valid area code. Please, search in the top search box the full phone number that called you. If you actually received a call from this exact same phone number (00121), it’s definitely a spoofed call mostly used by scammers. Report this phone number now! Hello everyone.

What country code is 001?

If your international dialing prefix is 001, on the other hand, then you’re asking about telephone country code +2, which is an incomplete code, most likely in Africa. You need one or two more digits to identify the country.