Who inspired Adele 21 album?

Who inspired Adele 21 album?

The most commonly accepted theory is that Alex Sturrock, Adele’s photographer throughout the majority of the An Evening with Adele tour, was “Mr. 21.” Sources who have claimed to know Sturrock have told tabloids that they dated throughout the course of the tour, and he ended up serving as the inspiration behind 21.

Did someone broke Adele’s heart?

AP Slinky Winfield aka Slinky Sunbeam allegedly left Adele… for a Burberry model. After the world wondered who the guy was who broke Adele’s heart so badly that she later won six Grammy awards singing about it, The New York Post has uncovered the now notorious man who “could have had it all.”

Who was the boyfriend that broke Adeles heart?

A biography on the singer posited the heartbreaker in question as fashion photographer Alex Sturrock — and Adele indeed shouted out someone named “Alex” at an awards show at one point — but neither he nor Adele has confirmed as much.

Who is Slinky Sunbeam?

Also known as Slinky Sunbeam, the 25-year-old musician was fingered as the inspiration for the 21 songs including “Rolling in the Deep,” and “Someone Like You.”

Who is Morwenna Cobbold’s husband Phil Bush?

Richard Eden, in Saturday’s Daily Mail reports that the oldest child of Henry and Martha Lytton Cobbold, Morwenna, a former Burberry model, 30, is to be married to her long-term boyfriend, the stylist Phil Bush, who used to sing with rock band The Cazals.

What happened to Adele’s romance with slinky?

Though Adele has indicated that she and the man who inspired those songs simply “grew apart,” the source tells the Post that the romance failed because Slinky got involved with a Burberry model named Morwenna Lytton Cobbold.

Who is slinky Winfield?

It’s no secret that Adele mined her love life to pen her Grammy-winning album 21, but there have been no details about the guy who broke the singer’s heart and inspired all those songs – until now. A source told the New York Post that the alleged cad is a man named Slinky Winfield.