Who is chidinma Ekile father?

Who is chidinma Ekile father?

Hillary EkileChidinma / Father

How old is chidimma?

30 years (May 2, 1991)Chidinma / Age

What is the networth of Chidinma?

Chidinma Net Worth & Biography

Chidinma Net Worth: $2 Million
Born: May 2, 1991
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Education: University of Lagos
Source of Wealth: Singing, Songwriting and Endorsements

Who is Chidinma Mbalaso?

Chidinma Mbalaso of the Koko Mansion fame, the 2009 reality show, is dead. She died in Kaduna on Thursday, aged 22. The University of Abuja undergraduate was the 2nd runner up in the maiden edition of this show. She registered her presence at the show with her stunning and beautiful look.

Are Chidinmas blind before?

She said, “I was born blind. I just couldn’t see for some months. Since I sang about it, I felt the need to help kids that find themselves in such situations or even worse. So every time I travel to these places, I try to extend a hand of love to these children.

Where is Chidinma Kedike from?

Ketu, Ikeja, NigeriaChidinma / Place of birth

Is Flavor married to Chidinma?

Are Chidinma and Flavour in a relationship? The two hitmakers are just friends and nothing more.

Where is chidinma Ekile now?

Eezee Concepts
Chidinma is now signed to Eezee Concepts, the label that is home to gospel star, Mercy Chinwo. Under the label, she has released a new single titled “Jehova Overdo.”

Is Flavour married to Chidinma?

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