Who is the girl from Ridge Racer?

Who is the girl from Ridge Racer?

Reiko Nagase

Reiko Nagase
Ridge Racer character
Reiko Nagase in Ridge Racer 3D
First appearance Rave Racer (1995)
First game Rage Racer (1996)

How old is Reiko Nagase?

She was born in Tokyo on February 14th, 1975, which means that she’s 24 by the time Ridge Racer Type 4 took place, or roughly 21 years old in Rage Racer, assuming the time setting is its present time of launch. As of the current day in 2022, she is 47 years old. Her birthday is, ironically, on Valentine’s Day.

How do you unlock cars in Ridge Racer Type 4?

In order to unlock every one of the cars, the player must race with every racing team and every manufacturer, in every qualifying position possible, hence enhancing the longevity of the game.

How many Ridge Racer games are there?

The first game, Ridge Racer (1993), was originally released in arcades for the Namco System 22 hardware, later ported to the PlayStation two years later as a launch title….Games.

1993 Ridge Racer
1996 Pocket Racer
1998 R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

Will there be another Ridge Racer?

Rumour: Ridge Racer 8 Might Not Be Drifting Onto The Nintendo Switch After All. Last year, there was a rumour Bandai Namco was bringing Ridge Racer 8 exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. While there was never any official announcement made, this project has now been axed, according to the YouTube channel Doctre81.

Where does Ridge Racer take place?

city of Ridge City
Ridge Racer involves tracks which take place in the fictional city of Ridge City. The soundtrack predominantly features fairly up-beat techno music.

What genre is Ridge Racer?

R4 instead explored music styles encompassing funk, breakbeat, acid jazz, UK garage, progressive house, and neo-soul mixed with traditional Namco-styled synth melodies. The track “Ridge Racer (One More Win)” features American singer Kimara Lovelace.

How do you drift in Ridge Racer Type 4?

Ridge Racer Type 4 Drift-type cars (from Assoluto and Lizard) will slide if a player lays off the gas button, while grip-type cars (from Age and Terrazi) will cling around a corner if a player does the same thing, making each car have to be handled differently.

How many copies of Half Life sold?

It is considered one of the most influential FPS games and one of the best video games ever made. By 2008, it had sold over nine million copies.

How do you drift in Rage Racer?

As you approach the corner, trun before entering the corner. Press the brake button once. (Do not press the acceleration button at the same time). Accelerate again to drift.

How do you drift in Ridge Racer ps1?

You should be holding down the throttle almost the whole time while racing. When you’re taking a turn and want to drift, just tap Square + directional button (left or right) for about a quarter of a second. At that moment, you’re letting go of the throttle (X) to hit Square then back to holding X right away.

Is there an arcade version of R4 Ridge Racer?

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 is the fourth game in the Ridge Racer series on the PlayStation. Unlike some of the other titles in the series, this game is made only for a home console, and does not have an arcade machine version.

Does Ridge Racer Type 4 have split screen?

It was also the first Ridge Racer game on the Sony system to feature a two-player split screen mode, and featured two different driving models. On September 19, 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced its inclusion of Type 4 into the PlayStation Classic video game console, which was released on December 3, 2018.

Who is the Ridge Racer mascot girl in R4?

R4 featured a CGI animated intro with the Ridge Racer “mascot girl” Reiko Nagase, who first appeared in Rage Racer set to an acid jazz piece called Urban Fragments by Hiroshi Okubo featuring vocals by Kimara Lovelace.

Who is the image girl in the Ridge Racer series?

In 2001, Namco created an image girl for their Namco Sports line named Hitomi Yoshino, and while the Ridge Racer series doesn’t belong to that line she was featured in a Ridge Racer trailer shown in the 2002 edition of the E3. The PSP titles saw the return of Reiko Nagase after her absence in Ridge Racer V, now with reworked CGI and new outfit.