Who won the second division in 1984?

Who won the second division in 1984?

1983–84 in English football

Season 1983–84
Men’s football
First Division Liverpool
Second Division Chelsea
Third Division Oxford United

Who won the Football League in 1983 84?

The 1983–84 season was the 85th completed season of the English Football League….1983–84 Football League.

Season 1983–84
Champions Liverpool
← 1982–83 1984–85 →

Who won the league in 1982 83?

The 1982–83 season was the 84th completed season of the English Football League….1982–83 Football League.

Season 1982–83
Champions Liverpool
← 1981–82 1983–84 →

Who won the first division in 1982?

15 May 1982: Liverpool win the Football League championship for the 13th time after they beat Tottenham Hotspur 3–1 and Ipswich Town lose 3–1 at home to Nottingham Forest.

Who won the Football League in 1985?

The 1985–86 season was the 87th completed season of The Football League….1985–86 Football League.

Season 1985–86
Champions Liverpool
← 1984–85 1986–87 →

Who won the first division in 1981?

Aston Villa
Ron Saunders completed the revival of Birmingham club Aston Villa, as they won the First Division for the first time in 71 years….1980–81 Football League.

Season 1980–81
Champions Aston Villa
← 1979–80 1981–82 →

Who won the league 81 82?

The 1981–82 season was the 83rd completed season (84th overall) of The Football League….1981–82 Football League.

Season 1981–82
Champions Liverpool
← 1980–81 1982–83 →

Who Won First Division 1984 85?

First Division Everton won their first league title for 15 years with four matches to spare, and also won the European Cup Winners’ Cup to claim their first ever European trophy, but were denied a treble when they lost to Manchester United in the final of the FA Cup.

Who won the league 1987?

1987–88 Football League

Season 1987–88
Champions Liverpool
Relegated Newport County
New club in League Scarborough
← 1986–87 1988–89 →

Who won the league in 1989?

1988–89 Football League

Season 1988–89
Champions Arsenal
Relegated Darlington
New club in League Lincoln City
← 1987–88 1989–90 →