Why buy mallincam?

Why buy mallincam?

WHY BUY A MALLINCAM? At MallinCam, we’ve built our reputation on superior design, innovation, powerful performance and legendary durability and dependability. Evidence is in every product we make. Made with Pride. Handcrafted with Passion for the Advancement of Astronomy, Not Profit. New Discussion Group is now active.

What is a mallincam astronomical video?

A MallinCam Astronomical Video ccd / CMOS camera is a very powerful tool in the right hands. ” *What’s New: Mallincam never rests in their efforts to push the envelope of what is possible in live video observing.

When did the new mallincam Micro Kit come out?

New MallinCam Micro Kit Released Click here * November 9 2015. New MALLINCAM OutReach Program Kit Click Here * November 5 2015 New Videos. What you will see. Click Here

When is the new mallincam ds16ctec back in stock?

MallinCam DS16cTEC is back in stock! * November 26, 2019. New SkyRaider Software update. Click Here * September 10, 2019. New Video Manuals for SkyRaiders Series of Camera.