Why did Selmer stop making the Mark VI?

Why did Selmer stop making the Mark VI?

Not many will dispute this, but many do not believe that this is the primary reason production of the Alto and Tenor Mark VI was halted around 1974. It is commonly said that the MK 7 alto and tenors replaced the VI due to outdated tooling.

Why are Selmer Mark VI so good?

Although the Selmer designs had been improving, from the release of the revolutionary Balanced Action model in 1936 through to the Super Action horn, the Selmer Mark VI brought the best combination yet of key work, tone, and intonation.

Who played Selmer Mark VI?

John Coltrane was one of many players who made the switch from a Selmer Super “Balanced” Action to a Mark VI as soon as they came onto the market. Sonny Rollins apparently picked up his Mark VI from a New York saxophone shop back in the 1970s and has played it ever since.

Do saxophones get better with age?

Saxophones do not get better with age. Some saxophonists believe that older saxophones sound better on the basis of tarnish or the different design. However, there is no evidence that older saxophones sound better than they did originally, nor better than modern saxophones.

Does Selmer Mark VI?

The Selmer Mark VI Legacy. It’s a simple truth that the Selmer Mark VI was either the best, or among the best sax that money could buy, during its 20 year run. It is also a truth that a more modern horn will play with more consistent intonation. The Mark VI alto is especially noted for a badly out-of-tune lower register (more on that later).

What is it about the Selmer Mark VI?

While we look back at the Mark VI today with 20/20 vision and may say that the Mark VI was the horn that changed the saxophone world, the truth is that Selmer had first started to create what is now considered the modern saxophone with the Balanced Action and the Super (Balanced) Action in 1935 and 1947, respectively.

What is the best tenor saxophone?

Yamaha. Yamaha doesn’t require much of an introduction.

  • Jupiter. Jupiter (or Jupiter Music/Jupiter Band Instruments) makes woodwind,brass,and marching instruments as well as accessories.
  • Antigua. Antigua (or Antigua Winds) focuses specifically on the manufacturing of professional saxophones and accessories.
  • Selmer.
  • Jean Paul USA.
  • Is a tenor saxophone better than an alto saxophone?

    Nubya Garcia was named Rising Star for Tenor Saxophone. Immanuel Wilkins was named Rising Star for Alto Saxophone. Editor’s Note: This article was written to commemorate some of the Rising Star winners in DownBeat’s 69th Annual Critics Poll.