Why do wife touch husbands feet?

Why do wife touch husbands feet?

The ideal wife is supposed to obey her husband. In Hindu religion and many others too, husband is assumed to be god for his wife. and touching feet is gesture of respect. A woman touches feet of her husband to show him respect.

How important is religion to anyone?

All religions are a foundation for morals and beliefs; it helps shape us and determine what we see as right and wrong. But, if we are the generation that teaches the next one that religion is wrong, religion itself will die out. We would lose beauty, lose stories, lose something so valuable to everyone–faith.

How do you teach a boy respect?

How To Teach Respect

  1. Stay calm and don’t overreact when you “think” your child is being disrespectful.
  2. Identify the cause for disrespect and focus on teaching problem-solving alternatives.
  3. Model how to be respectful by respecting your kids first.
  4. Use kind and firm discipline to teach, not to punish.

Why is religious tolerance essential to world peace?

Tolerance between religions and all people is requirement to create a world of peace, love and happiness. Inter-religious dialog is important to achieve a better world. Even theists and atheists should find a way of understanding. A representation of peace and love between all creatures.

How can I respect my wife?

  1. Have eyes only for her.
  2. Support and encourage her dreams.
  3. Work hard to provide for the family.
  4. Help out around the house.
  5. Engage in conversation with her and listen when she is talking.
  6. Make time with your wife a priority.
  7. Continuously pursues her.
  8. Never give up on her!

How do we respect religion?

Ask for permission and assistance with etiquette if you need it. Read outsiders’ viewpoints on your own religion or belief system. Understand why others might not see it your way and notice what prejudice looks like, if you encounter any. Include philosophic and secular viewpoints in your study of other faiths.

What is religious tolerance example?

Religious toleration is people allowing other people to think or practice other religions and beliefs. In a country with a state religion, toleration means that the government allows other religions to be there. Many countries in past centuries allowed other religions but only in privacy. This has become rare.

Why is tolerance so important?

Tolerance means to accept everyone’s opinions without fighting. Being tolerant is very necessary for a peaceful and loving environment. Even if we have different living habits, culture, and environment, we should love, understand, and respect all human beings.

How can we maintain religious tolerance in Nepal?

A few different ways to maintain Religious tolerance in Nepal are; (1) Giving rights to evacuates one’s self-imposed barriers and enables one to think all the more comprehensively and appreciate to enjoy greater inner harmony. (2) To permit singularity and decent variety while promoting harmony and civil society.

How can we maintain religious tolerance?

4 Ways to Teach Your Children Religious Tolerance

  1. Provide a Firm Understanding of Your Own Beliefs.
  2. Teach Your Child The Beliefs and Practices of Others.
  3. Participate in Multi-Religious Events.
  4. Discourage Intolerance.

Why do people respect other religions?

All religions preach the goodness of truth and moral living, love and compassion. We should respect all religions, in the same manner, as we respect our own religion, since the underlying message of all religions is the same,” Mr. “Islam preaches love, tolerance, non-violence and forgiveness like any other religion.

What is religious tolerance Nepal?

Nepal has always been known for its religious tolerance. It is predominantly a Hindu State practicing Hinduism, but Buddhism is also being practiced widely. Besides Hinduism and Buddhism, Islam and Christianity too are practiced by a few. It is one of the few countries where the minorities also live in utmost peace.