Why is nursing so special?

Why is nursing so special?

Nurses are skilled professionals who work hard to serve their patients. They have to be ready to respond to unexpected developments and patient emergencies. And most importantly, they have to show respect and compassion for their patients at all times. Needless to say, it takes a special person to be a nurse!

How can you be accountable for your actions?

To become more accountable, make sure that you’re clear about your roles and responsibilities. Be honest with yourself and others, so you can admit when you’re wrong, apologize, and move on. Make the most of your time, and manage it carefully so that you don’t take on too much.

What makes a good trauma nurse?

A competent trauma nurse is able to quickly assess a clinical situation and skillfully react and treat appropriately without hesitation. Sensitivity is your ability as a trauma nurse to empathize with those you are caring for at the bedside or those you are leading in your department.

How can a person be accountable to his actions?

Maybe It’s You: 5 Steps To Taking Accountability For Your Actions

  1. Don’t Make Excuses. When something goes wrong, accountable people don’t place the blame on others.
  2. Stop Playing The Victim. I’m sure we’ve all done this once before.
  3. Your Life Is Yours. It’s as simple as knowing that you are in control of your own life.
  4. Reclaim Your Time.
  5. Learn how to apologize.

What are the four main areas of nurses accountability?

There are four ‘pillars’ that make up a framework of professional accountability deriving from different types of authority in nursing practice these are professional, ethical, lawful and employment/contractual (Caulfield 2005).

What is it like being a ER nurse?

Like other specialties, ER nurses are in charge of assessing patients before a doctor sees them. Since emergency nurses often work with patients in critical condition or who are experiencing a lot of pain, effective and compassionate communication with these patients and their families is crucial.