Will court look in to document which is not exhibited?

Will court look in to document which is not exhibited?

observed by the learned Civil Court that as documents are not exhibited, the documents could not be handed over to the police authorities. In opinion of this Court, prima facie this is wrong finding and…. 1876 of 2011. The said application was rejected by the 13 Additional Senior Civil Judge and Addl.

How do you find primary and secondary sources?

A primary source gives you direct access to the subject of your research. Secondary sources provide second-hand information and commentary from other researchers. Examples include journal articles, reviews, and academic books. A secondary source describes, interprets, or synthesizes primary sources.

Where do you find primary sources in science?

Primary and Secondary Sources for Science

Primary Source
FORMATS–depends on the kind of analysis being conducted. Conference papers, dissertations, interviews, laboratory notebooks, patents, a study reported in a journal article, a survey reported in a journal article, and technical reports.

What is the original document rule?

Original document rule is a principle of evidence law that, to prove the contents of a writing or a recording or photograph, a party must produce the original writing or a mechanical, electronic, or other familiar duplicate, such as a photocopy.

What is a primary source of scientific information?

Primary sources are original materials/information on which other research is based. These include: Journals or Periodicals: main type of publication in which scientific research is reported.

How do you prove private documents?

Private Documents are proved by original i.e. Primary Evidence. The certified copy of a public document is to be admitted in judicial proceedings. The secondary evidence of the original document is not to be admitted in judicial proceedings.

What is the procedure after charge sheet?

Once the charge sheet has been submitted to a court of law, the court decides as to who among the accused has sufficient prima facie evidence against him to be put on trial. After the court pronounces its order on framing of charges, prosecution proceedings against the accused begin in the judicial system.

Can a rejected document be tendered again?

The general position of the law is that a document tendered and rejected cannot be tendered again in the proceedings and same is inadmissible.