Can I print my own FD 258 card?

Can I print my own FD 258 card?

Can I print FD 258? You can print FD-258 form on a plain A4 size white paper. You should make sure that it a hard paper and not the simple paper that you use for printing documents.

How do I get a FD 258 fingerprint card in Canada?

There are two options to obtain your certificate with our assistance: 1) Obtain paper fingerprints on FD-258 form at our office. Take fingerprints with you and complete the application process on your own. 2) Obtain paper fingerprints on FD-258 form at our office.

What is Form FD 258 used for?

Description. Standard FBI fingerprint form used for Applicant and Background Checks. Concealed Carry License, Nursing, Doctors, Insurance, Vehicle Dealer License, Security, Finance and many more.

What is an ORI number?

ORI stands for Originating Agency Identifier Number. These numbers tell the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) why you need the background check and to whom to send your results. Your ORI number ensures your fingerprints are sent to the right state department.

What is an FD form?

An FD-209 form is used by FBI agents to record their contacts with unofficial criminal informants.

What does OCA mean on fingerprint card?

Originating Case Agency
The OCA number is a field for the requesting agency to use for internal needs. OCA stands for “Originating Case Agency”. Sometimes the Request For Live Scan Service Form may have this field listed as “Your Number” or “Facility Number”. This field in the live scan system is only required by specific agencies.

How do I send fingerprints to the FBI from Canada?

Contact a RCMP accredited fingerprinting agency like the National Pardon Centre. Arrange to have your fingerprints taken on FD-258 official FBI fingerprinting cards. Visit the FBI website and follow the steps to submit your fingerprints directly for a background check and summary of your criminal record history.

How do you obtain a FD 258 card?

FD-1114 Expungement Forms: 100 per package

  • FD-1115 Records Modification Forms: 100 per package
  • FD-249 Criminal Cards: 2,000 per box
  • FD-258 Applicant Cards: 2,000 per box
  • FD-884 Palm Print Cards: 2,000 per box
  • FD-884a Supplemental Finger&Palm Print Cards: 2,000 per box
  • Live Scan Cards: 2,000 per box
  • R-84 Final Disposition Reports: 4,000 per box
  • Where to obtain FD 258 fingerprint card?

    Two correctly completed fingerprint cards (use the Fingerprint Card Instructions for guidance)

  • Signed IdentoGO pre-enrollment confirmation/receipt
  • Receipt with information verifying the person and/or location taking the prints
  • A Fingerprint Certification Form completed at the time the fingerprints are taken
  • How to complete FD 258?

    Visit a PrintScan office location

  • Get fingerprinted on a live scan machine
  • The cards are provided to you at the time of your appointment or mailed to you (depending on which location you visited) PrintScan can also submit your fingerprints to the
  • We send the fingerprint file to the FBI via our approved channeler
  • Where to get FD 258 completed?

    – Can I use any live scan location? No. – Where can I get an FD-258 fingerprinting card? You may download an FD-258 (PDF) from our website and print it on standard paper. – Can I fingerprint myself? No. – How many fingerprint cards do I need to mail? You are required to mail 1 fingerprint card. – What happens if my fingerprint images are rejected?