Does rituals have a spa?

Does rituals have a spa?

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What is a ritual in a spa?

Spa rituals are essentially a combination of treatments that are designed to help you find inner peace, and tranquillity – to make yourself whole again. There is a process to these rituals that helps calm the mind and this makes your body more receptive to the healing aspects of these treatments.

What is ritual massage?

This treatment combines various Oriental massage techniques in the ultimate personalised therapy. Using essential oils blended from flower and fruit extracts these rituals will soften, soothe and balance the senses. Choose from the selection of treatment oils below.

What is a rhassoul treatment?

A rhassoul ritual is a traditional Arabian body treatment involving steam and mineral-rich mud. The Spa in Dolphin Square specialises in authentic Moroccan cleansing rituals in their rhassoul and hammam chambers, so we asked them to tell us more about the history and benefits of this treatment.

What is a rhassoul experience?

Our rhassoul is a special experience in a private treatment room for up to four people featuring a traditional Moroccan steam chamber. As part of our signature treatment range, our expertly designed rhassoul experience. encompasses use of the bespoke, private spa chamber, a steam infusion and exfoliating shower.

What is a welcome foot ritual?

What does the ritual include? It starts with an exfoliation on the feet and lower legs, which is then removed using hot mitts; followed by a massage using an essential oil balm on the feet and legs, and targeting reflexology pressure points.

What do you wear to a mud chamber?

The room can only hold two guests so is good fun for friends or couples. What shall I wear? It is advisable not to wear jewellery during the treatments, and it is appropriate to wear your underwear or swimwear. Disposable underwear and shower caps can also be provided for you.

What do you wear to a mud bath?

Most people choose enter a mud bath completely naked. If you’re feeling modest and want to cover up a few parts, wear an old bathing suit, underwear, or ratty T-shirt and shorts, as everything will likely be permanently mud-stained afterwards.

How long do you leave rhassoul clay in your hair?

Put a cap on your hair and let the mask soak in for 20 to 40 minutes. You can also use this time to do a rhassoul clay face mask, if you have some clay left over. When you’re ready to rinse out the mask, you might want to hop in the shower to keep clay from getting into your eyes or on your clothes.

What can you do at the House of rituals spa?

Pamper yourself with unique spa treatments, such as our Foam Massage, brows and facials, manicures and pedicures. Visit the House of Rituals Body Spa, so you can experience what ultimate relaxation means. Uncover a range of beautiful spa treatments, such as massages, facials, manicures and pedicures.

What is the mind spa in Amsterdam?

At our Mind Spa, you can experience breath, deep rest and meditation like never before. The Mind Spa is located at House of Rituals in Amsterdam. It offers a broad scale of the world’s most effective, science-based techniques for mental stress relief and relaxation by combining the wisdom of ancient meditation with the power of science.

How to relax your mind in Amsterdam?

To relax our minds, we need to breathe deeply, rest well, and spend time enjoying the little things in life. At our Mind Spa, you can experience breath, deep rest and meditation like never before. The Mind Spa is located at House of Rituals in Amsterdam.

What happens in a rituals appointment?

Each appointment is specifically tailored to your personal needs, and our highly skilled therapists work on your body with your favourite Rituals products to release stress, emotional weight, and leave you with a sense of total rejuvenation.