Does the spleen have a cortex and medulla?

Does the spleen have a cortex and medulla?

There is a dense connective tissue capsule that sends conspicuous trabeculae to partially subdivide the organ. Unlike the thymus and lymph nodes, the spleen lacks division into cortex and medulla.

What is the difference between the cortex and medulla of the lymph node?

The body of the lymph node is divided into an outer cortex and an inner medulla. The cortex contains a high concentration of lymphocytes while the inner medulla is less cellular.

Does the spleen have an outer cortex and inner medulla?

The spleen has two mayor components, white pulp that includes a central arteriole, T and B cells, and red pulp. Between red and white zone, there is a marginal zone where there are CD169+ macrophages (A). A lymph node is surrounded by a capsule, and the parenchyma is divided into cortex and medulla.

What lymphoid organs have a cortex and medulla?

Thymus. The thymus is located just behind the sternum in the upper part of the chest. It is a bilobed organ that consists of an outer, lymphocyte-rich cortex and an inner medulla. The differentiation of T cells occurs in the cortex of the thymus.

Does spleen have a medulla?

All the trabeculae contain some smooth muscle fibers. Unlike the thymus and lymph nodes, the spleen lacks division into cortex and medulla.

Does thymus have cortex and medulla?

The thymus is an encapsulated primary lymphoid organ. Histologically, it is divided into subcapsular cortical, cortical and medullary regions within each lobule, created by the intervening connective tissue septae extending from the capsule.

What is the function of the cortex in the lymph node?

Each human lymph node is up to 20mm in diameter, and is divided into compartments. Each compartment has important functions in enabling communication between lymphocytes. The outer layer (Cortex) contains the B-cell areas, or follicles.

What lymphocytes does the spleen produce?

The spleen also helps get rid of germs. It contains white blood cells called lymphocytes and macrophages. These cells work to attack and destroy germs and remove them from the blood that passes through the spleen.

How are spleen and lymphnodes different?

The main difference between lymph node and spleen is that a lymph node is the small mass of tissues located along the lymphatic vessels whereas spleen is an organ found in vertebrates, which is structurally similar to a large lymph node.

Which lymphocytes are in the spleen?

Resident lymphocytes

  • Circulating T and B cells frequently gain access to secondary lymphoid organs in search for their cognate antigens.
  • The spleen contains distinct B cell lineages, including follicular and MZ B cells.