How big is an ISU 90?

How big is an ISU 90?

An ISU90 is a standard military container with dimensions of 108″W x 88″L x 91.35″H. Typical weight of the container – 1,720 lbs. Capacity 10,000 lbs. Typically, four doors on each 108″ side.

What does ISU stand for?


Acronym Definition
ISU Iowa State University
ISU Issue
ISU International Space University
ISU Ilinois State University

How much does a TRicon cost?

How much does a tricon container cost? Tricon containers are usually sold in a set of three or more units. A set of three is averagely priced at $3,600.

How heavy is a Quadcon?

Tare Wt. – 2,300 lbs. Max Gross – 11,200 lbs.

Where did the ISU come from?

The Isu, also known as The First Civilization and Those Who Came Before, classified as Homo Saipens Divinus or the Precursors, were an ancient and advanced species of humanoid beings on Earth who created the Pieces of Eden, as well as the human race itself in the Assassin’s Creed video game series.

How many types of storage containers are available?

With over 40 different configurations available, our containers can easily be customized for any mission requirement such as armories, laundries, refrigeration, dog kennels, gun rooms, maintenance, ATV storage, and more.

What is the battery Mobility Shop container?

The Battery Mobility Shop Container (BMSC) is a lightweight, quickly deployable, environmentally controlled workspace for the storage, maintenance, and recharging of batteries while out in the field. Integrated inside our Mobility Shop Container, the BMSC is the ideal solution for rapid battery sustainment.

What are the deployment capabilities of your containers?

Our complete collection of containers offers a wide range of deployment capabilities, including land transport, sealift, or airlift by any configuration of cargo aircraft in the world.