How can I talk to d2h customer care?

How can I talk to d2h customer care?

Please feel free to use our Customer care numbers: 91156 91156 for any queries.

What is the new customer care number of Videocon d2h?

1800 3150 002
Contact Us

New connection 1800 3150 002
Talk to Us 91156 91156
Update My Account (ONTV) Details 1800 315 7331
Quick way to connect with d2h Say Hi to Dia Connect on WhatsApp(8750917917)

How can I register my Videocon d2h complaint?

Videocon D2H offers efficient support to its customers and you can easily reach out to them by dialling the Videocon d2h complaints number – 1800 212 212 or 97818-97818. You can also send them an email at – [email protected]. 1800 3150 XXX (Channel No.)

Why my Videocon d2h is not working?

Switch OFF your d2h product from the mains & after 15 seconds restart it. Please check that the signal cable from the antenna to your d2h product is connected Properly. Due to heavy rains or dense clouds the signal might have been lost, please wait till weather conditions improve.

How can I change my d2h registered mobile number?

Change of Registered Telephone Number. Kindly click on “EDIT PROFILE” under My Videocon d2h section. Enter the new “REGISTERED TELEPHONE NUMBER” and click on “SUBMIT”. Confirmation message for change of register telephone number will appear.

Why my d2h is not working?

Where can I find my Videocon d2h customer ID?

Know how :

  1. Videocon d2h : To know your Customer ID, SMS ID from your registered telephone number and SMS CID from non registered telephone number to 9212012299.
  2. Tata Sky : You can know the Customer ID right away on your television.
  3. Airtel Digital TV :
  4. Dish TV :
  5. Sun Direct :

How can I add channel in D2H?

Follow these simple steps to add channels:

  1. Download the Videocon D2H app (Infinity)
  2. Tap on options on top left & select ‘Customer Corner’
  3. Select ‘a-la-carte channels pay & FTA’ & add channels.
  4. Review your plan and pay.

Why is Videocon d2h not working?

How do I activate a channel in d2h?

How to add channels in Videocon d2h by SMS

  1. Open messaging on your phone.
  2. Type ADD and channel code (you can find Videocon d2h channel numbers here)
  3. Send the SMS to 566777 or 9212012299.
  4. The channel will be added to your existing d2h package.

How to contact Videocon d2h customer care?

Any Videocon D2H customer can call the following Videocon D2H customer care number or contact the Videocon customer care through the email id and number provided below: Videocon D2H Email Address: [email protected]

How do I get in touch with Videocon customer service?

Videocon offers prompt customer support and you can contact their team by dialling – 1800 212 212 or 97818-97818. How do I recharge my Videocon D2H Account Online?

How do I contact the D2H customer service?

Videocon D2H Toll-Free Helpline Customer Care Number 1 1800 1370 444 2 1800 1023 111 3 1800 2000 111 4 1800 1806 000

How do I Activate my Videocon account?

The Videocon Customer support team activates your account as soon as the completed customer application form is submitted with them. For a quick turn around you could also choose to call up their customer care number – 91156 91156 if you have any queries.