What is EASA Part 66 B2?

What is EASA Part 66 B2?

The Cat B2 licence permits the holder to certify maintenance work carried out on aircraft avionic and electrical systems.

What are the categories according to JAR 66?

Category A – Line Maintenance Certifying Mechanic. Category B1 – Maintenance Certifying Technician – Mechanical. Category B2 – Maintenance Certifying Technician – Avionic. Category C – Base Maintenance Certifying Engineer.

What is a EASA Part 66?

EASA Part 66 – The European Aviation Safety Agency Implementing Rule (IR) Part 66 is the aviation regulation which defines the conditions by which a maintenance engineer is able to gain (through a company approval) authorisation to work on, certify and release an aircraft into service after a maintenance operation.

What is EASA Part 66 B1 license?

Line Maintenance. B1. Maintenance on aircraft structure, power plant and mechanical and electrical systems, avionic systems requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability and no troubleshooting.

How do I get my EASA Part 66 licence?

The process to get EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) – B1, B2 or B3

  1. Get your theoretical training (examinations) for the license category done. Apply to Part 147 training organization and book your seat for training & examination.
  2. Get the first aircraft type endorsed into your Aircraft Maintenance License.

What is B2 licence?

Category B – Provides the standard licence for practitioners, divided into two subcategories: B1 (mechanics – engines, airframes etc.) and B2(avionics – instrumentation, electrical/ electronic equipment). Holders may provide Certificate of Release of Service of aircraft following maintenance and repair tasks.

What is EASA Part 66?

This licence was earlier in the European Union called JAR-66 licence! The EASA part 66 is now the worldwide standard. Non-EU-Countries that have now the Part 66 standard are for example Australia: CASA exam preparation& Where&HowToTakeExams Hong Kong:CAD HKAR-66 A,B1,B2 & B3 exam preparation & Info

What are the different modules in easa66?

Module\r 5 Digital, 7.4, 14.2 & 15.14 for B1 to B2_60 Euro Module\r 11 and 13 Electrics & Avionics_Euro 50 Module\r 11 and 13 Electrics & Avionics_Euro 50 CAT-A to B1 or\r B2 B1 to B2 B2 to B1 email to: [email protected]

How much does cat B1&B2 cost?

Site CAT B1 & B2 is www.EASA66.com Modules cost Euro 20 to Euro 70 depending on their size! Detailed exams you must pass to get the respective EASA part 66 licence\r CAT-A1 to A4, B1.1 to B1.4, B2!

How do I contact easa66?

B1 to B2 B2 to B1 email to: [email protected] or here: Enter questions\ror suggestions here! Otmar Bender