How do I calibrate my BACtrack breathalyzer?

How do I calibrate my BACtrack breathalyzer?

How It Works

  1. Choose BACtrack Model & Enter Device Details. Select which device you’d like calibrated, and enter the serial number and purchase details.
  2. Choose Service Level & Add to Cart.
  3. Checkout & Mail Your Device to BACtrack.
  4. Device is Calibrated & Returned to You.

Do breathalyzers need calibration?

Breathalyzers must be calibrated regularly and receive all required maintenance to ensure they deliver accurate results every time. An improperly maintained machine can produce unreliable test results, which a defense attorney can question in court.

How often should you calibrate a breathalyzer?

In general, a personal breathalyzer device will indicate that calibration is required after 1 year or 5000 tests; breathalyzers for law enforcement should be calibrated once per month.

What happens if I don’t calibrate my breathalyzer?

If you fail to come in for calibration and servicing, the device will enter permanent lockout (after a specified time), which means you will have to have your vehicle towed to the service center.

How often should I calibrate my breathalyzer to ensure accuracy?

Services and Calibration requirements: Breathalysers are precision instruments of a scientific nature that require recalibration at specific intervals. Calibration must be carried out on a regular basis at 6 or 12 Months intervals depending on device specifications and use to ensure accuracy.

How often are breathalyzers wrong?

Generally, breathalyzer tests are only accurate approximately 40% of the time. Factor into that statistic that the testing equipment itself has an inherent margin of error between . 005 and . 02% in its BAC readings.

What happens if you miss a calibration?

Calibrations are required by the state, not the interlock provider, so failure to comply may result in penalties from your state. If you do miss an appointment, reschedule as soon as possible to avoid becoming out of compliance and to keep your vehicle on the road.

Can a home breathalyzer be wrong?

In fact, it can create a false positive reading or a test reading error. Most Breathalyzer machines are designed to measure alcohol content in the lining of your lungs. However, medical experts advise that it is the air deepest in an individual’s lungs that provide the most accurate measure of blood alcohol content.

How accurate is the BACtrack go?

As you can see, the test results of the BACtrack Mobile Pro closely mirror the DataMaster, especially at levels under 0.08% BAC. The novelty breathalyzer performs erratically throughout. Don’t risk wildly inaccurate results.

How is the BACtrack calibrated?

The BACtrack calibration process is a delicate one, requiring a trained lab technician in a controlled environment. Known alcohol concentrations are passed through the sensor to set baseline values for testing.

What happens if I don’t calibrate my BACtrack S80 pro?

Not calibrating the unit per the suggested time frames can harm the sensor. Pro Grade Breathalyzers (such as the BACtrack S80 Pro, Trace Pro, or Mobile Pro) hold calibration longer than do the non-Pro Grade units (such as the BACtrack S35, Vio or Keychain).

How often should I calibrate my BACtrack breathalyzer?

BACtrack recommends that you calibrate your Pro Grade breathalyzer at least every 12 months, while the non-Pro Grade units may need servicing closer to every 6 months; depending on the performance you observe and require. If the breathalyzer is used every day, it may need to be calibrated more frequently.