How do I connect my Phone to Captiva?

How do I connect my Phone to Captiva?

On your MyLink screen, press Phone > tap Connect Phone > then tap Add Phone. On your mobile device, select your Chevrolet MyLink system in the Bluetooth menu. Confirm the PIN displayed on your MyLink screen matches, then press the Pair button. The two will now begin pairing.

Does Holden MyLink have Apple CarPlay?

This interface adds Apple Carplay and Android Auto onto any Holden VF Mylink and Chevrolet SS Mylink. Our signature plug and play kits make installation easy, requiring no soldering or rewiring, just plug in and away you go.

Is Holden MyLink Android?

Compatibility with Android Auto is a functionality of the embedded myLink infotainment system and is not a separate feature, so it carries no additional cost.

Can Holden update MyLink?

There is now a great way to upgrade your Holden VF Commodore Mylink System with Apple Car play and Android Auto. This DIY Kit allows for full integration of tthese functions to the factory screen with the addition of the module and harness inculded in the DIY kit.

How do I connect my Iphone to Holden Captiva?

Ensure your Bluetooth® device is in “discoverable mode”. Touch the SEARCH DEVICE icon on the touchscreen and select the desired device from the list on the touchscreen you wish to pair. A PIN code will then be shown on the touchscreen and you can start the pairing process on your phone or device^.

How do I install Carplay on MyLink?

HOW DO I CONNECT CARPLAY WITH CHEVROLET MYLINK? Before you can connect to Chevrolet MyLink, you need to set up a physical connection. Plug your lightning cable into your vehicle’s USB port and plug it into your iPhone. You should see the APPLE CARPLAY or PROJECTION icon on your infotainment screen once you connect.

Can Holden upgrade MyLink?

The VF Mylink Navigation upgrade adds full touchscreen navigation to any VF Holden Commodore. This upgrade is plug and play for all VFs, and makes driving and finding your destination an absolute breeze with its seamless integration with your vehicle.

How do I add Carplay to MyLink?

How Do I Get Apple Carplay On Chevy Mylink? Owners of cars can download the Android Auto app from the Playstore and plug in their phone with MyLink display to wait for the download to begin.

How many devices can be connected to the Holden MyLink system?

The Holden MyLink system allows up to five devices to be paired but only one can be connected at any one time. To connect your chosen device, select the SETTINGS icon on the HOME page on the touchscreen, select BLUETOOTH, then DEVICE MANAGEMENT and select the device from the list.

How do I connect my Bluetooth device to Holden MyLink?

Ensure your phone or compatible Bluetooth ® device is paired and connected to the Holden MyLink system. Press the HOME button on the centre console to bring up the main HOME page and select the AUDIO icon on the touchscreen.

Does the Holden MyLink system support Apple CarPlay?

No, Apple CarPlay will only work when the iPhone ® is connected to the Holden MyLink system via a USB cable plugged into the port located under the armrest in the centre console. What smartphone models support Android Auto? Android Auto is supported by most smartphones running the Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system.