How do I get to MathXL?

How do I get to MathXL?

To log in and access your course:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the login name and password you created during registration.
  3. Click the option that says “I am taking a course that is using MathXL…”.
  4. Enter your course ID and confirm that you are enrolling in the correct course.

Is MathXL free?

Not ready to purchase? Get a 30-day Free Trial to try MathXL for School with your students.

How do I turn on MathXL assignments?

You can click an assignment name to work on it. To access the Homework and Tests page, click Homework and Tests from the left menu. On the left of the table, you can see the due date for each assignment. Click on an assignment name to work on it.

What is MathXL Pearson?

MathXL® for School is the essential online addition to any core curriculum that provides personalized instruction and practice for middle and high school students of all levels. Tied directly to more than 300 Pearson mathematics and statistics texts, teachers can easily create, edit, and assign homework and tests.

What is XL math?

IXL (from “I excel”) is a math & language arts practice website for K-12 (subscription based). It has unlimited questions on thousands of math topics and a comprehensive reporting system.

Is there a MathXL app?

When using mobile devices, students will be able to do their MathXL for School course work on their iPad by logging in as usual at There is no separate mobile app.

What is Math XL?

MathXL is an online homework, tutorial and assessment system from publishing giant Pearson.

How can I use MathXL for school?

To register and enroll in your teacher’s MathXL course:

  1. Go to and click the Student button under Register.
  2. Enter your course ID in the field provided.
  3. Sign in with your username and password.
  4. Enter your student access code in the fields provided.

Is MathXL the same as MyMathLab?

MyStatLab courses use the same technology as MyMathLab courses (the MathXL Player) to display online tutorial exercises that regenerate algorithmically for unlimited practice and mastery. MyStatLab courses also include essay questions that can be assigned for online tests and quizzes.

What age is IXL for?

IXL Math is suitable for children aged 4 and older, with content that parents and teachers alike will find helpful for homework and learning.

How do I contact mathxl product support?

When completing this form, be sure to enter the email address you used to register for MathXL. Your login information will be sent only to this email address. If you need additional assistance, call Product Support at 1-800-677-6337. How do I enroll in a new course?

How do I retrieve my mathxl login name and password?

You can retrieve your login name and password by submitting an online request form (also available from the MathXL log-in page). When completing this form, be sure to enter the email address you used to register for MathXL.

How do I install the mathxl player?

The Installation Wizard requires you to download the MathXL Player, which uses an “ActiveX control” to display homework, tests, and practice exercises.To install the MathXL Player, ActiveX must be enabled in your Internet browser. The Installation Wizard tells you whether you need to enable ActiveX.

Why can’t I run mathxl in my browser?

Why can’t I run MathXL in my browser? Your computer needs to be properly configured to run your MathXL course. Depending on your course, you will either need to run the Installation Wizard or the Browser Check to install the components you need to view exercises and multimedia content in your course.