How do you explain The Phantom of the Opera?

How do you explain The Phantom of the Opera?

Set in late 1800s France, it tells the story of a physically disfigured man who lives beneath an opera house. He loves a beautiful young singer and he helps her to become the leading lady of the opera house. When she realizes who he is, she cannot love him and he vows to get revenge.

What is the play Phantom about?

Based on the classic novel Le Fantôme de L’Opéra by Gaston Leroux, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it.

What was the theme of Phantom of the Opera?

Viewers of the show may see an epic love story that tells the tale of a beautiful woman in distress and her muddled relationship with a disfigured monster, but there are also themes of empathy, understanding, and the age-old lesson of not to judge a book by its cover.

What is the message of Phantom?

One of the main moral teachings of the story is that love between two people cannot be forced. It also highlights the need for every human to be loved. These two concepts meet in the form of Erik (the Phantom), who has a fierce, one-sided and possessive love for Christine.

Did Christine choose the Phantom?

When she falls in love with her childhood sweetheart, Raoul, the Phantom kidnaps Christine in a jealous rage and drags her down to his lair. She is forced to choose between the Phantom and Raoul, but her compassion for the Phantom moves him to free them both and allow them to flee.

Is there a deeper meaning to Phantom of the Opera?

Throughout the novel, musical performance is used to symbolize deep spiritual experience. Christine’s father told her stories of the “Angel of Music,” who appeared to all worthy musicians at some point in their lives to provide divine inspiration.

What happens at the end of The Phantom of the Opera?

The Phantom decided that the happiness of Christine lies with Raoul and not with him. In an act of love, he lets her go. The ending scene shows how even after years, the Phantom still remembers Christine and loves her.

What disfigured The Phantom of the Opera?

Yeston and Kopit His mother was a singer in the Opera and, having discovered that she was pregnant with an illegitimate child, swallowed poison. This is the reason for his disfigurement. He was born within the catacombs of the opera house and lived there his entire life. His mother died when he was a young child.

Why was Phantom of the Opera important?

One of the most popular touring musicals ever to play TPAC, The Phantom of the Opera is the longest-running show in Broadway history and the second longest-running production on London’s West End.

Why is Phantom of the Opera so popular?

The music is undoubtedly another major reason as to why the show is so popular. With classic songs such as ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Angel of Music’ and ‘The Music of the Night’, the show has arguably one of the best musical scores, with every song being memorable and adding its own layer and flare to the story.

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What is the musical Phantom of the opera about?

The Phantom of the Opera. (1986 musical) The Phantom of the Opera is a 1986 musical with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, lyrics by Charles Hart, and a libretto by Lloyd Webber and Richard Stilgoe. Based on the 1910 French novel of the same name by Gaston Leroux, its central plot revolves around a beautiful soprano, Christine Daaé,

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What are some of your favorite Phantom of the opera songs?

” Don Juan Triumphant Rehearsal/Phantom of the Opera (Reprise)/Little Lotte (Reprise)” – Christine, Piangi, Reyer, Carlotta, Madame Giry, Ensemble “Wandering Child/Bravo, Monsieur…” – The Phantom, Christine, Raoul “Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer” – The Phantom, Madame Giry, Raoul, Ensemble