How do you get more workers in SimCity?

How do you get more workers in SimCity?

If you don’t have anymore space in your city to zone more residential zones, you could either look at rebuilding part of your city to provide additional space for residential zones or you could create an additional city in your region (or get a friend to do it for you) with the purpose of housing a large number of …

How do great works work SimCity?

The arcology great work will provide with workers, shoppers and students. Great works are massive projects in SimCity (2013) that require workers, lots of materials, and simoleons. They may only be built on areas known as great work sites, the locations of which aren’t customizable.

How do you build a successful SimCity?

Three tips for building a successful SimCity

  1. Don;t start off building a perfect city grid.
  2. Find a neighboring city to cooperate with.
  3. Specialize in tourism with a large stadium.

How do I cancel my great works SimCity?

Confirmed by Maxis, once you select a Great Works there is no going back!

What is region Wall SimCity?

The user interface for SimCity (2013) is sleek, with a wide variety of selections available for players. Below is an in-depth look at the entire interface. Region Wall: Chat across the region, replying to and sending messages. Great Works: Choose from a Solar Farm, International Airport, Space Center, or Arcology.

How do you get alloys in SimCity?

Smelt raw ore into metal or add coal into the mix to smelt alloy. Sell metal or alloy to local industry or on the global market via the trade depot. The smelting factory turns raw ore into either finished metal, alloys, or both, depending on which modules you add. Without any modules, it will produce finished metal.

What is a smelting factory?

A smelting plant is an industrial location where metal is extracted for raw ore. Common examples of metal smelting include tin, lead, copper, bronze, and iron. The extraction of pure aluminum is also called smelting, although the process is significantly different from that of the other ores.

How do you upgrade Metals headquarters?

The Metals HQ is the bedrock of any coal or raw ore extraction city. Sell coal or raw ore to upgrade your HQ and gain advancements like the Smelting Factory, Advanced Coal Mine, or the Trade Port.

Can you cheat on Simcity?

During the game, hit Ctrl+Alt+Shift+X to bring up the Cheat Entry Box.