How do you grant levels in Recruit a friend?

How do you grant levels in Recruit a friend?

Your friend can even grant bonus levels to your own characters! From Recruit-A-Friend FAQ (page 2 of US FAQ or page 1 of EU FAQ): Your recruit will need to right-click your target character’s portrait and select “Grant A Level.”

Can you still grant levels with Recruit a Friend 2021?

Bonus Experience and Granting Levels Unlike the previous Recruit a Friend program, the current Recruit a Friend program does not enable bonus experience and does not allow granting levels to your friend.

How long does recruit a friend last?

12 months
Recruit A Friend links lasts until the recruit has paid for 12 months of game time. For information on how to link accounts, visit Recruiting a Friend in World of Warcraft.

How do I summon recruit a friend?

Instead, it is triggered by right-clicking the target’s party portrait or entry in the Friends List and selecting “Summon Friend”….Summon Friend

  1. Summon Friend.
  2. 30 min cooldown.
  3. 10 sec cast.
  4. Allows you to summon your Refer-A-Friend.

Can you still get recruit a friend mounts?

The Recruit A Friend program is back and better than ever! Now you can choose from 8 different mount and pet rewards—including the brand-new Emerald Hippogryph—and enjoy leveling benefits all the way to level 85.

How much does recruit a friend cost?

Since these accounts are new, you can use the New Player Offer to save 50% on the first month. This will cost you $7.5/€6.5 per account. Step 5. Generate a Recruit-A-Friend invite link on your WoW#2 account (your main Blizzard account) and use that link to recruit RAF5, RAF6, RAF7 and RAF8.

How do I know if my recruit a friend worked?

I am the recruiter To verify that your friend correctly accepted your invitation: Open the social window (default hotkey O) Click on the Recruit A Friend tab. Check if your friend is on the list of linked accounts.

Why am I not getting my refer a friend rewards?

Hence, if you can’t see the friend rewards, then it is highly likely that your friend hasn’t subscribed to the game. Once your friend purchases the full copy of the game and pays for a whole month of subscription, then you should be able to get the 30 days of game time completely free.

How do I grant levels to a veteran character?

For every two levels the recruit’s characters earn, one grantable level is gained. Recruit characters may then grant these levels to the veteran player’s character as long as the character is lower in level than the level granting character.

What are level granting and recruiter rewards?

Level granting: for every two levels your friend gains while the accounts are linked, they can grant one level to one of your characters. Recruiter rewards, including game time and epic mounts.

Do RAF boosts stack with heirloom gear?

Please note: RAF invites expire after seven days. Heirloom gear XP bonuses will no longer stack with the RAF boost (i.e., the maximum XP boost you will see from today onwards is 50%). If you were already on the program, Heirloom gear will still stack.

Why has the XP bonus on the recruit-a-friend (Raf) program changed?

Because of this, we are adjusting the XP bonus on the Recruit-A-Friend (RAF) program to ensure it reflects the updated pacing of the game as new players level their characters and explore Azeroth.