How do you unlock characters in Lego Batman 2 Wii?

How do you unlock characters in Lego Batman 2 Wii?

To unlock 50 of all 60 playable characters in the game you basically have to finish the Story Mode levels and explore Gotham City’s open world hub. This goes especially fast if you have access to Superman in between playing levels.

What are the codes in LEGO Batman Wii?

LEGO Batman: The Videogame Cheats

  • ZAQ637 – Unlock Alfred Pennyworth.
  • JKR331 – Unlock Batgirl.
  • BDJ327 – Unlock Bruce Wayne.
  • M1AAWW – Unlock Classic Catwoman.
  • HJK327 – Unlock Clown Goon.
  • DDP967 – Unlock Commissioner Gordon.
  • HGY748 – Unlock Fishmonger.
  • XVK541 – Unlock Freeze Girl.

How do you unlock Supergirl in Lego Batman 2?

You cannot unlock this final Hero character (Supergirl) until you’ve collected all 250 Gold Bricks in the game. This means that you must have found all of the minikits and achieved Super Hero status in each level. You also need to save every citizen in peril and find every gold brick in Gotham City.

How long is Lego Batman 2?

When focusing on the main objectives, LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is about 9 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 25 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do you beat Lego Batman 2?

Main Story 9 Hours

  • Main+Extras 15½ Hours
  • Completionist 25 Hours
  • All Styles 16 Hours
  • Can You List Some cheat codes for Lego Batman?

    BDJ327 – Bruce Wayne – (Batman Batarang toy)

  • DDP967 – Commissioner Gordon – (Joker Helicopter toy)
  • XWP645 – More Batarang Targets – (Batboat toy)
  • MVY759 – Nightwing – (Robin Grappling Hook toy)
  • KJP748 – Penguin Minion – (Penguin Submarine toy)
  • MAC788 – Police Van – (Batmobile toy)
  • CCB199 – Joker (Tropical) – (Joker Surprise toy)
  • NJL412 – Yeti – (Mr.
  • How do you unlock Joker in Lego Batman 2?

    Boxing Glove Grapple Gun ( LEGO Batman 3 onwards)

  • Chattering Teeth (Decoy Suit and DC Super-Villains)
  • Dynamite ( DC Super-Villains – Batman: The Animated Series only)
  • Explosive Jack-in-the-Box (Demolition Suit only)
  • Explosive Pies ( LEGO DC Super-Villains only)
  • Explosive Plane Drones ( DC Super-Villains – Batman: The Animated Series only)
  • Guns
  • What are some Lego Batman cheats?

    A Blue Hope : Finish LVL 10

  • All the Rage : Finish LVL 12
  • An Unearthly Likeness : Play as Batman (Zur-En-Arrh)
  • Aw-Qward Situation : Finish LVL 14
  • Bane and Gain : Transform Bane into Bane (Venom-Powered)
  • Bat’s All,Folks : Witness the 100% LEGO Stud Fountain
  • Beings from the 5th Dimension : Set both Free Play characters as Bat-Mite and Mr.