How does ExamSoft prevent cheating?

How does ExamSoft prevent cheating?

monitoring combined with human review identifies potential academic dishonesty and deters cheating during both in-person and remote exams, all without an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

Does ExamSoft tell you your score?

Students can access their exam results through the secure ExamSoft portal. You can choose to let them see score only, incorrect answers only or the entire exam.

What is KR 20 in ExamSoft?

KR-20 (Kuder-Richardson Formula 20) This statistic measures exam reliability of inter-item consistency. A higher value for the exam indicates a strong relationship between items on the test. This shows the reliability (indication) that the same students taking the test again, would achieve the same scores.

Does ExamSoft record you while taking exam?

EXAMSOFT PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ExamMonitor records video and audio of Exam Takers during secure assessments, which are uploaded upon assessment completion and reviewed for potential breaches of academic integrity.

Does Examplify record your face?

The camera will take your picture when you start the exam, and then it will shut off. As part of your exam, Examplify does record everything you type, and everything you delete. This is part of the normal security built into the exam program.

How do you find your grade in ExamSoft?

View Exam Results in ExamSoft

  1. Log on to the ExamSoft web portal.
  2. In ExamSoft web portal, click Courses.
  3. Click on the course you wish to see results for.
  4. To view released results, click on the graph icon next to View Results on the course page.
  5. The results will be displayed on a new browser tab.

How do I check my grade on Examplify?

Go to and log in with your Student Number (9 digits) and your Examplify password. Click Courses at the top, and look for your year (2019, 2018, etc.)

What is a good KR score?

KR-20 scores range from 0-1 (although it is possible to obtain a negative score); 0 indicates no reliability and 1 represents perfect test reliability. A KR-20 score above 0.70 is generally considered to represent a reasonable level of internal consistency reliability.

What does PT Biserial mean?

The point-biserial correlation is the correlation between the right/wrong scores that students receive on a given item and the total scores that the students receive when summing up their scores across the remaining items.

Does Examplify record your audio?

Note: In Examplify, you will be able to use the Notes option as a scratch paper or the Calculator option by clicking on the Tool Kit (see red below). Video recording will begin automatically, including both webcam and screen capture throughout your entire assessment. Audio will also be recorded.