How I can check Iqama status?

How I can check Iqama status?

You can check your Iqama status online by following a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the official website of the KSA Ministry of Interior.
  2. Change the language to English, if you cannot read Arabic.
  3. Go to the “Passports” section, from the menu tabs.
  4. Click on “Query Iqama Expiry Service” in the dropdown list.

How can I check my Iqama category in KSA?

Requirements and Procedure to check Nitaqat color Category in Saudi Arabia

  1. Take your iqama or one of your colleague iqama to check nitaqat system category of your company or kafeel (sponsor) allotted by Saudi ministry of labor.
  2. Visit Saudi Ministry Of Labor website by following this link “”.

What is Iqama number?

Your Iqama number is a 10-digit numerical combination found at the bottom center section on the front face of the residence card or sometimes below your picture.

How can I check my Iqama color?

You can check the Nitaqat Status of your company or the Iqama color Red, Green, Yellow of your Kafeel through the Ministry of Labor website….Check Iqama Color Status (Red, Green, Yellow)

  1. Enter Border Number.
  2. Iqama Number.
  3. Passport Number.

How can I check my Iqama status Red or Green?

You can check the Iqama red green colour status or nitaqat colour category of your employer or company by visiting the Ministry of Labor (MOL KSA) website.

How can I check my Iqama red or green?

Here are the steps to check the Iqama red green status. Enter your “IQAMA NUMBER” or “BORDER NUMBER” or “PASSPORT NUMBER.” Input the “image code”. Click on the search button (green button).

How can I check my Iqama red green status?

If you’d like to check your Iqama’s red green status, you can easily do so by going to the Ministry of Labour’s Iqama portal. The process is fairly simple, simply do the following: input either your Iqama number, passport number, or border number. input the captcha number.

How can I check my Iqama red or green in Saudi Arabia?

How can I check my Iqama red and green?

How do I know if my Mosasa is red or green?

Nitaqat Status of Mosasa Kafeel or Company red, green or yellow?

  1. Just write your Iqama number in the field as it is written below.
  2. After it writes captcha code for confirmation that you are not spam or bot.
  3. Then click below button and it will show your Kafeel or Musasa status.

What is the iqama status check red green yellow?

The iqama status check red green yellow is also known as “the Nitaqat Status”. The Nitaqat Status is the status of the Company or a Kafeel under which your iqama id is made, you have the complete rights to check the Nitaqat status of your company and Kafeel. How to check Iqama Red Green Yellow?

How to check iqama color status on mol KSA?

Procedure to check Iqama color status on MOL KSA website. Nitaqat color status can be checked through the MOL KSA website using one of the following Identity numbers: -Iqama Number. -Passport Number. – Border Number. Below is the Step-by-Step Procedure on how to check “Iqama red green” color status, -Visit the Ministry of Labor website

When to renew the iqama of employees in Saudi Arabia?

They can renew the Iqama of their employees three months before the expiry. The Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia has issued an order to abolish the “Yellow” category in the Nitaqat program. All entities falling under the Yellow nitaqat category have moved to the “Red category” on Jan 26, 2020.

Can I check iqama color status of domestic workers and dependents?

You can consider this category equivalent to the “Green” category. It is important to mention here that you cannot check the Iqama color status (red/green) of domestic workers and dependents as they are not registered with the Ministry of Labor. What is the meaning of Iqama Color/Nitaqat?