How long is a STAEDTLER eraser?

How long is a STAEDTLER eraser?

7.3 x 18.1 x 0.1 centimeters

Colour Blue
Material Plastic
Item dimensions L x W x H 7.3 x 18.1 x 0.1 centimeters
Item weight 0.03 Pounds
Shape Other

What is the size of an eraser?

It is made from a “special polymer” which appears to be some sort of trade secret. The size is approximately 1.8 inches (4.5 cm) X 0.7 inches (1.8 cm) X 0.5 inches (1.3 cm).

How big is a standard pencil eraser?

Millimeters (mm). A sharp pencil point is about 1 mm, a new crayon point is about 2 mm, and a new pencil eraser is about 5 mm.

What is STAEDTLER eraser?

STAEDTLER Tradition Eraser – Large. Comfort quality eraser in tradition design For high-quality erasing performance Minimal crumbling Phthalate and latex free, mentioned on sleeve..

What is the blue part of the Staedtler eraser for?

The blue side of the STAEDTLER Mars plastic combi contains a special solvent in addition to pumice to remove India ink from tracing paper and matt drafting film. This product is therefore ideal for technical drawing.

Why do erasers have two ends?

The blue end is meant for erasing pencil marks on heavy grades of paper or dark marks. The soft end (pink/orange) is useful for light grades of paper which the hard gritted side would tear apart, and also for precision erasing, such as removing a light stray mark from among dark marks.

How many inches is a pink eraser?

Paper Mate Pearl Eraser measuring 2 x 3/8 inches is great for correcting pencil mistakes in school, at home or at the office. 100% Latex-free premium eraser with beveled ends is soft and pliable for smudge-free erasing every time. Small sized pink eraser is sold as 36 per box.

How long is a pink eraser in CM?

The General Pencil Co. All Art eraser is about as simple as it comes: a small block of squishy pink rubber. Measuring just about 2.5 by 3 centimeters in a rectangular block, the All Art is a cute little thing.

What is the GREY part of the eraser for?

The white side erases graphite, and the grey side erases ink. The white side erases graphite, and the grey side erases ink.

What do red and blue erasers do?

The main feature of this eraser is its two different sides – the red to erase graphite and colour pencils and the blue side for ink.

What are Staedtler erasers made of?

STAEDTLER erasers, which are made from plastic, are a different story. For our “made in Germany” erasers, we use the following materials: The advantage of our plastic erasers is that they rub off more coarsely than rubber products, so they hardly stick to the paper.

Do Staedtler erasers erase more than pencil marks?

However, our erasers can do more than just erase pencil markings. We also offer combi erasers with a rough, blue side. Pumice is added to the STAEDTLER rasoplast combi. This makes it possible to carefully remove the surface of the paper, so that even mistakes written in ballpoint pen can be corrected.

What are eraser holders and eraser pencils used for?

For school and office use, in addition to our STAEDTLER rasoplast and STAEDTLER Mars plastic, we offer eraser holders and eraser pencils as a classic option. These are ideal for use as pencil erasers for removing graphite from paper and matt drafting film.

Why choose plastic erasers?

Plastic is also one of the most effective materials for erasing mistakes. In the manufacture of our erasers, we use phthalate-free and latex-free PVC that poses no health risks. What else can our products do?