How many Autobots are left in Transformers?

How many Autobots are left in Transformers?

In the first five films, 40 Autobots have appeared in the series. By the end of Dark of the Moon, ten Autobots remain on Earth.

What happened between Transformers Prime and robots in disguise?

As Optimus is weakened when the immense power he was lent from the Primes is drained by them, the Autobots split into two teams: an Away Team led by Optimus and consisting of Drift, Slipstream, Jetstorm, Sideswipe, and Windblade, and another team led by Bumblebee that remains at their scrapyard base.

What happened to all the primes in Transformers?

However, as with Primus and Unicron, the Primes clashed with one another and eventually perished or disappeared into their newly-established society. As time went on they became the folklores, myths and legends of their people, who would become just as divided as their ancestors and their creator and his enemy.

How is Optimus Alive in robots in disguise?

Over the course of the first season, new Autobots bolster the ranks of the team, including the bounty hunter Drift, his two Mini-Cons Jetstorm and Slipstream, the mysterious Windblade, and finally Optimus Prime himself, returned to life by the Thirteen to defeat Megatronus.

What are the names of the robots in Transformers?

Autobots. Their main leader is Optimus Prime,but other “Primes” have also commanded the Autobots such as Rodimus Prime.

  • Decepticons.
  • Humans
  • Aliens and Monsters
  • City-bots components.
  • Mini-Cassettes
  • Female Autobots.
  • Headmasters.
  • Targetmasters.
  • Gestalts.
  • What is are names of all the Autobots in Transformers 3?

    Brains – Autobot

  • Bumblebee – Autobot
  • Dino – Autobot. Description: Dino is a close quarters-combat Autobot that transforms into red Ferrari 458 Italia.
  • The Dreads: Crankcase,Crowbar,Hatchet – Decepticons.
  • Driller – Decepticon.
  • Igor – Decepticon.
  • Ironhide – Autobot.
  • What planet are the Autobots from in Transformers?

    ~ Optimus Prime and Ratchet. The Autobots (full name Autonomous Robotic Organisms) are a faction of sentient robots from the planet Cybertron created by The Creators, and the main protagonistic faction in the Transformers Cinematic Universe .

    What are all the Autobots names in age of extinction?

    – Optimus Prime. – B-127/Bumblebee. – Ratchet. – Ironhide. – Jazz. – Brawn. – Cliffjumper. – Sideswipe.