How many companies are in Port Qasim?

How many companies are in Port Qasim?

Currently, there are 180 Large and Medium Size units operating in the area. The Bin Qasim Industrial Zone has the potential to emerge as a Financial Hub of Karachi in the future: currently, there are a number of banks and insurance companies operating in the area.

Who made Port Qasim?

Fauji Foundation of Pakistan
Operational since January 1998, the terminal can accommodate 75000 DWT class vessels with designed capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum. Developed by Fauji Foundation of Pakistan over an area of 350 acres of land at a cost of US$ 370 million, the plant is operational since 1998.

Why Port Qasim is important?

Coal, Clinker & Cement Terminal Developer It is located on the trade route of the Arabian Sea. With a cargo handling capacity of about 17 million tons per annum, it is the second busiest port of Pakistan. Opened in September 1980, Port Qasim was built to ease traffic congestion at Karachi Port.

How many terminals are there in Port Qasim?

Out of the seven multipurpose berths 5,6 &7 have been converted into a 2 berths Qasim International Container Terminal. QICT is Pakistan’s first dedicated international container terminal established by the private sector on BOO basis. The terminal was constructed at a capital cost of US $35 million.

Which is the largest seaport in Pakistan?

Gwadar port is the largest deep sea port in the world, located on the southwestern Arabian Sea along the coast line of Balochistan, Pakistan. This port is considered a lifeline in the region’s economy.

Who owns Karachi port?

Port of Karachi
Opened 1857
Operated by Karachi Port Trust
Owned by Ministry of Ports and Shipping, Government of Pakistan
Type of harbor Natural

Who is KPT chairman?

Mr Nadir Mumtaz
Chairman KPT Mr Nadir Mumtaz is an officer of Civil Services of Pakistan belonging to 16th CTP.

How many ports are in Karachi?

The coastline is divided into Makran Coast spreading over 800 kilometers and Sindh Coast extending up to 246 kilometers. Pakistan, so far, has developed three big ports namely Karachi port, Gwadar port and Muhammad Bin Qasim port.

What are the main products handled in the Karachi Port?

All commodities ranging from minerals oils, edible oil, coal, rice, wheat, cement to fertlizers, general cargo, containers and LNG are being handled in the port at state-of-the-art terminals. It is the energy hub and only LNG Port of Pakistan.

What is the size of Port Qasim?

The port encompasses a total area of 12,000 acres (49 km 2) wherein many industrial zones operate. In addition to the Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) and KESC Bin Qasim Power Plant, around 80% of the Pakistan’s automotive industry is located at Port Qasim.

Why invest in Port Qasim?

The port also provides direct waterfront access to two major nearby industrial areas, Export Processing Zone (Landhi) and Korangi Industrial Area. Approximately 60% of country’s export and import is originated from these areas. Port Qasim is managed by Port Qasim Authority, a semi-autonomous government body.

Why Karachi Port is called Port Muhammad bin Qasim?

In addition to the future economic demands and strategic needs, this port was also meant to relieve congestion at the only seaport Karachi Port of the country. This port was named as Port Muhammad bin Qasim (also known as Port Qasim), after the Muslim general Muhammad bin Qasim who conquered Daybul and the coastal areas of Sindh around 712 CE.