How many Ilyushin IL 76 does Russia have?

How many Ilyushin IL 76 does Russia have?

In 2006, the Russian Air Force had about 200 Il-76s. Civilian users in Russia have 108. On 3 August 1995, an Airstan Ilyushin Il-76 piloted by a Russian crew was forced down by a Taliban-controlled Afghanistan Air Force fighter in what became known as Airstan incident.

How many troops can a Ilyushin IL 76 carry?

The Il-76 can cope with the worst weather conditions experienced in Siberia and Arctic regions. This military transport can carry payloads of up to 50 t. It can airdrop cargo, supplies and vehicles. It accommodates up to 140 troops or 125 paratroopers.

What is Il-76 plane?

Ilyushin Il-76, also called Il, -76, Soviet military transport aircraft, first flown in 1971 and first produced in 1975. It was designed by the Ilyushin design bureau under G.V. Novozhilov. The Il-76 was a heavy transport plane, capable of handling a payload of more than 88,000 pounds (40,000 kilograms).

What is an Ilyushin Il-76?

An Ilyushin IL-76 aircraft dropping parachutists. An Ilyushin IL-76 loading troops. Equipment is suspended from an electrically powered overhead rail. A pair of Ilyushin IL-76s taxiing on the runway prior to take-off. IL-76 is a medium-range military transport aircraft, also known by the Nato codename ‘Candid’.

How tall is the Ilyushin Il-76MD-90A?

The aircraft has a length of 46.6m, height of 14.76m, and wing span of 50.50m Ilyushin IL-76MD-90A is a new military transport aircraft (code name: IL-476) developed by Ilyushin Aviation Complex, a subsidiary of United Aircraft Corporation (UAC). It is a modernised version of the IL-76MD which itself is based on the IL-76 cargo aircraft platform.

Who are the users of Il-76?

Primiry users: Russian Air Force, Ukranie’s Air Force, Indian Air Force. The Il-76 is a military and civilian cargo transport. It is Russia’s equal to the C-17 Globemaster III. first introduced in the 1970’s the plane still transports the Russian military and Three other airforce’s.

Did a Russian Il-76 get shot down?

The use of the Il-76 transport aircraft along with specially trained airfield seizure troops similar to U.S. Army Rangers is known as part of Russian military doctrine. Following reports of this first Il-76 shoot-down incident, a “second Il-76” was reported to have been shot down over Bila Tserkya.