How many pirate Lego sets are there?

How many pirate Lego sets are there?

Lego Pirates

Sub‑themes Pirates Imperial Soldiers Imperial Guards Imperial Armada Islanders
Subject Pirates
Availability 1989–2015
Total sets 71

Who is the last character in Lego Pirates?

That last character at the end of the list is another version of Jack Sparrow. Press the start button, choose « Extras » then « Enter Code ». The code is VDJSPW. As far as I know there is no other way to get this character.

How many characters are in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

So you want to collect all the characters for this game? There are 79 of them and they are found in one of two ways. 36 of these characters are unlocked by completing the story levels of the game, the rest you will need to find wandering around the hub and buy them.

How do you unlock characters in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

How to unlock the Parley! achievement

  1. *NOTE | The characters are listed in the same order as they appear on the in-game character selection screen.
  2. Jack Sparrow — Get in Story.
  3. Will Turner — Get in Story.
  4. Mr.
  5. Guard Dog — Unlocks after you beat Port Royal.
  6. Mr.
  7. Anamaria — Unlocks after you beat Tortuga.

What is the biggest Lego pirate ship?

Imperial Flagship
Imperial Flagship As such, it is the largest classic “Pirates” ship produced to date.

What year did Lego pirates come out?

Pirates was a LEGO System theme introduced in 1989. It was the first completely new theme that appeared after the three initially introduced main themes Town, Castle and Space from 1978.

How do you get 100 in Lego Pirates of the Caribbean?

To complete the game to 100% you have to:

  1. Complete all levels in story mode.
  2. Achieve true pirate on all levels (see « There’s the Jack I know »).
  3. Collect all minikits on all levels.
  4. Fill the compass on all levels.
  5. Collect all red hats (see « You may throw my hat »).
  6. Collect all gold bricks (see « Take what you can »).