How much is the Beatles butcher album worth?

Beatles-Signed ‘Butcher Cover’ LP Sells for $234,000 at Auction – Rolling Stone.

How much is the Beatles butcher album worth?

Beatles-Signed ‘Butcher Cover’ LP Sells for $234,000 at Auction – Rolling Stone.

How many Beatles butcher albums are there?

Beatlefest this year. The back cover of the LPs are identical to the standard Canadian trunk cover issue, and the front cover Butcher slicks were factory laminated. In total, only 3 copies are known to exist. A copy was put up for auction by Heritage in November 2020, but failed to get the $10,000 opening bid.

How do I know if I have Beatles butcher album?

How To Tell If You Have a Beatles’ Butcher Cover

  • 1) Covers with the “Gold Record Award” seal can NOT be Butchers.
  • 2) On the back, lower-right-hand corner is a number.
  • 3) Lp’s must have a “slick” type cover.
  • 4) Sometimes the “Trunk” slick was pasted on sloppily and ended up offset.
  • 5) “Pictured” to the right.

Is the Beatles butcher cover rare?

All versions of the Butcher cover are collectible, and collectors are interested in owning all three versions in the best possible condition. All three are relatively uncommon, and the First State versions are quite rare.

How do you find a second state butcher cover?

How To Spot A Butcher Cover

  1. First State – The originally released cover that has never had the second image pasted over it.
  2. Second State – A butcher album as in 1 above, except with the new image pasted onto it.
  3. Third State – It’s a peeled Second State.

How much is a numbered Beatles White Album Worth?

More Stories by Joseph. UPDATE: On Dec. 5, copy 0000001 of The Beatles aka The White Album sold for $790,000 at Julien’s auction, a new world record for a vinyl record at an auction. Early estimates for the item placed its value between $40k-60k, an estimate collector demand easily surpassed.

How much did the Butcher album sell?

The album was soon certified gold for amassing more than $1 million in gross sales. On the day of release, the album that most buyers saw in the stores was the second cover with the steamer trunk photo. Probably half of those actually had Butcher cover slicks underneath them.

Is Yesterday and today by the Beatles worth anything?

The original release of the album Yesterday and Today by the Beatles, with the so-called “Butcher cover”, is one of the most widely recognized valuable albums in the world, and one that is known to many non collectors. …all because of the album’s cover, rather than the content.

How much is a Beatles album from 1966 Worth?

Collectors are also interested in still sealed Second State issues. While Second State versions are more common than First State issues, sealed copies are quite rare, as most people who bought the album in 1966 opened them and played them. Sealed mono Second State versions have sold for $5000-$7000 and stereo copies have sold of upwards of $10,000.

Does condition matter when it comes to Beatles Butcher covers?

Most record collectors, regardless of their interest in the Beatles, would like to have a copy of the infamous Beatles Butcher cover in their collection, and for those types of collectors, condition often doesn’t matter.